merlin 384.6

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  1. B

    RT-AC86U Asuswrt-Merlin OpenVPN torrent makes internet crash

    I need some help with a quite annoying problem I have using VPN on my Merlin flashed router. When I start torrenting over VPN, my whole internet connection crashes (not just the VPN tunnel) and my modem needs to recycle and re-acquire an IP from my ISP every couple of minutes. The crash varies...
  2. Fergal Reilly

    Router VPN with PC VPN

    Hi All, I've recently purchased an RT-AC5300 and flashed it with Merlin (Firmware shows as 384.6). I'd like to have my home network use a VPN for the increased privacy it affords. To that end, I've got a trial of NordVPN in order to figure out the settings, etc. As an additional wrinkle, I...