merlin 386.2

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  1. R

    Openvpn client not starting

    I have a RT-AC86U with Asuswrt Merlin 386.2_6 Since the latest firmware upgrade I'm having issues with the VPN client that is not starting any more. The log shows: Jun 29 22:45:33 rc_service: httpd 1150:notify_rc start_vpnclient5 Jun 29 22:45:34 openvpn: Starting OpenVPN client 5 failed! I...
  2. M

    Solved upnp throwing ConflictInMappingEntry even though port is free, target is local host

    I am trying to get a simple port forwarding to a raspberrypi. I am not trying to forward to a different host, I am running the upnp client from pi, and I keep getting ConflictInMappingEntry, which per old threads comes only if the port is already taken or if the target is different from the IP...
  3. fsb

    Apple TV Only MLB App Use VPN

    I have an RT-AC86U running merlin v386.2_2. I have ExpressVPN and successfully setup 2 different OpenVPN clients to watch This setup works perfectly. I also watch Hulu and they're able to tell I'm on a VPN so I see an error message and can't go past it. I've used 3 of 4 location...