merlin 386.7_2

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  1. J

    Can't access router settings through vpn

    Just for context, guys, I am absolutely new to routers and how they work and the settings etc. I have a programming background but this is totally new to me. I want my ps4 connected to an american server so I can access american streaming for netflix and my phones and laptops to run through a...
  2. L

    [ISSUE] RT-AC88U Merlin 386.7_2

    Hi, I've just got a new router which is the AC88U. The first thing I did was to upgrade it to Merlin. Since that day every time I reload the router, I completely lose internet connectivity but only from the LAN. The router can still ping and DNS the outside. The only solution so far is to...
  3. A

    Improving my Bufferbloat score

    Hi everyone, I currently have a home setup with 2 AX86U in mesh, on wired backhaul (cat 6) running Merlin 386.7_2 software. My internet connection is a 400/50 "hybrid" cable internet. I recently ran a bufferbloat test on my hardwired Windows 10 computer (connected directly via Cat6 to the main...