mesh accesspoint

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  1. A

    RT-AX88U "Partner" Mesh unit?

    What would be the best Asus (or least problematic) Router/AP to use along an RT-AX88U as a mesh component to cover a larger home? Currently running Merlin on RT-AX88U and would like the AP Mesh to be able to run the same firmware. Should I just use another RT-AX88U or is there something else...
  2. J

    RT-AC68U - AiMesh or AP?

    I've successfully set up two AC68s as AiMesh and it appears to work fine, with much better WiFi speeds upstairs as the mesh node AC68 is in the attic where it can get hot in summer, but according to the digital thermometer that lives in there, is no warmer than 38 degrees celsius. Now I know I...