mesh networking

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  1. R

    Add to AX1800 Mesh Network

    I'm using an ASUS ZenWiFi AX 1800 Mesh wireless network on a home network (with Internet through wired connection to modem). I'm not getting the coverage in my garage that I need to connect Rachio irrigation controller. The second node of the AX1800 is against the wall between the house and...
  2. D

    questions about building wireless mesh LAN

    Hello everyone! For some research purpose, I need to build up a enormous Manhattan wireless mesh local access network (no need to connect to Internet), in this LAN, every router communicate with each other through 5GHZ, devices join to the router through 2.4GHZ(like the figure attached shows...
  3. M

    Setting up Mesh network with TP-Link Deco backhauling with ethernet.

    Moving to a new house with three TP-link Deco M9+ units. And the ISP is providing me with a new AX1500 (VX220-G2V). I am thinking to setup like this : ISP-AX1500(as router)-Deco M9+ as AP. Since the house is a 2 storey building so I am also planning to use the other 2 Deco M9+ to setup a mesh...
  4. JuxtaMatrix

    Mesh Router Comparison Table

    Hi. I recently started a non-commercial website where I post comparison tables for anyone to see. I'm looking for one or more volunteers to create a comparison table for residential mesh routers. What better place to ask than this forum of enthusiasts on the subject? If one or more of you are...
  5. R

    Help with building my MoCA network

    Hello, I have dsl from AT&T which is very slow by today's standards. I'm thinking about subscribing to xfinity internet from Comcast because my father refuses to let AT&T drill a hole in our wall to get fiber. For now I think I'm going to get the 400 mbps down 10 mbps upload package they offer...
  6. T

    Aimesh vs ZenWifi Mesh Router

    My apologies if this has been asked before. What is the difference between routers running Aimesh and ZenWifi mesh routers? I understand ZenWifi supports Aimesh as well. Are there hardware differences? Software differences?
  7. Julio Urquidi

    News Qualcomm Unveils New Modular Wi-Fi 6E Device Family

    The Qualcomm Immersive Home Platforms (IHP) consist of four new devices designed to deliver Wi-Fi 6 and 6E Gigabit speeds in the home. Modular and compact in design, the new Immersive Home Platforms combine newer networking packet processing tech, Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, and physical design flexibility...
  8. Julio Urquidi

    News Linksys Adds New Affordable Wi-Fi 6 Max-Stream Router To Its Mesh Portfolio

    The dual-band Linksys Max-Stream AX1800 (MR7350) is a Wi-Fi Certified 6 mesh router that can be used as a primary node or as an additional node in an already existing mesh network. Powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, the 2x2 MR7350 has maximum wireless rates of 574 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and...
  9. K

    ASUS AC5300 - Mixing with Linksys Velop Mesh

    Hi, Over the years I have cycled through from a N66U to the AC5300 which has serving well in a heavily congested block of flats. Nothing fancy running, just SmartConnect and auto QoS. 2 floor maisonette - N66U struggled with throughput due to wireless channel congestion but AC5300 has been...
  10. J

    Access Points in a Mesh Network / Switch to Switch Questions

    Hi All Apologies if these are obvious answers and I hope someone can help! I currently use a Netgear RBK50 Mesh setup and have them positioned one either end of our home. We'd like to connect up our garage and the satellite closest to the garage doesn't quite cut it so we've run ethernet out...
  11. Julio Urquidi

    CES 2020: D-Link Set To Unleash A Wave Of Mesh Products in 2020

    Composed of Wireless AC and Wireless AX products, D-Link just announced a slew of new mesh networking devices, including seven routers, three extenders and one Wi-Fi system. All devices will support the Wi-Fi Alliance's Wi-Fi EasyMesh technology enabling formation of mesh networks with other...
  12. Julio Urquidi

    Qualcomm’s Newest Mesh Wi-Fi Dev Kit Gets Amazon Alexa Integration

    The Qualcomm Mesh Networking Development Kit was created to facilitate integration of Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, the key component driving Amazon's portion of the smart home market. Designed to help quickly develop Alexa integrated mesh Wi-Fi systems, the new development kit adds additional...
  13. Julio Urquidi

    EnGenius Announces $100 Wi-Fi Mesh System

    EnGenius’ AC1300 MESHDot Kit is composed of the EMR3500 wireless mesh router and a small wall-pluggable wireless node called a MESHdot (EMD11). Both devices in the kit are Qualcomm-powered and designed for consumer use. The EMR3500 router uses a 360° antenna that helps it connect to up eight...
  14. E

    Large House Wifi Options

    Hi, I have a very large, old home with plaster walls, which I have been covering using an asus ac3200 in the basement and a ac66u on the top floor. They are connect via a Cat 5 (maybe 5e) cable. The distance between the two wired contact points is about 50-75 feet in a straight line (3...
  15. M

    Asus RT-AC88U meshed with RT-AC3100

    I set up the 88 as the master and the 3100 as the meshed Node. The 3100 is hooked up through an ethernet run from downstairs media room to an upstairs office. The 3100 is placed where it will have broad reach from upstairs. Couple questions since this my first time setting up a meshed network...
  16. D

    Add Range Extender to AC68U or use MESH?

    Hello - Can you help me please? I live in an apartment complex and have an AC68U which is working fine but I have a Internet TV Box that only has the 2.4Mhz band available. The signal keeps dropping and the connection fails leading to buffering. Unfortunately the 2.4mhz band is crammed full...
  17. Julio Urquidi

    ZyXEL Joins The Mesh Wi-Fi System Market With Multy X

    ZyXEL's Multy X is a two-node "tri-band" (three radio) AC3000 wireless mesh network kit. The company claims up to 5,000 square feet of coverage thanks to its distributed design. Multy X uses a design very similar to NETGEAR's original Orbi. The client-facing 2x2 radio supports maximum link...
  18. Julio Urquidi

    NETGEAR Adds Wall-Plugged Three Radio Extender

    NETGEAR’s EX7500 Nighthawk X4S Tri-Band WiFi Range Extender is a tri-band Wi-Fi extender in wall-plugged format. The new extender is essentially a less expensive version of the EX8000 introduced at the end of August. The EX7500 uses a two stream 5 GHz backhaul radio vs. the EX8000's four...
  19. Julio Urquidi

    Tenda Nova Mesh Wi-Fi System Coming Soon

    Touted to cover up to 5,000 to 6,000 square feet, Tenda’s new Nova Mesh Wi-Fi System is the latest of several wireless home networking products that incorporate MU-MIMO, beamforming, Wi-Fi roaming, and mesh networking, all in a single package. Composed of three wireless units, Nova comes...
  20. Combat Goat

    (AmpiFli HD Mesh w/ RT-AC68U Merlin Tips?) + (Heads up on FCC Net Neutrality Public Comment Period)

    First, to preempt the inevitable "nut up and run cable" comment, believe me, I have looked into that option thoroughly (as well as others) before arriving where I am. However, I am dealing a 1940's construction that has a lot of brick/masonry, and while the home mostly well restored, the wiring...