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  1. M

    Guest network on mesh node

    Hi, my setup is an RT-AX88U as the main router, 1 RT-AX86U, and 1 RT-AX86U Pro as nodes, they are all running Asus firmware. After I caught the cameras randomly connecting to Beijing, I set up a guest network for all of my smart devices and security cameras. I only have 1 guest network but...
  2. Tiny Beard

    Newbie Needs Clear Answers/Direction Please!

    Hey! Completely new here, and rapidly consuming as much info about networking as I can. Certainly a newfound hobby/interest/fixation. I have a pretty open ended question concerning optimal setup for my network with Fios. Short memoir incoming. So, I live in pretty old condos. Parents let me...
  3. T

    about Asus AX53 and the second router in mesh mode

    Hello I have a main router ASUS AX86U PRO , i am so satisfied with it , i would like to add a second router in mode AI MESH , the idea is to have 100 percent cover of wifi signal in my apartment , the main router is connected to the modem with cable and they are in the living room , the other...
  4. D

    Mesh network with WiFi disabled on the router

    Hi, I have an ASUS RT-AX88U running the latest Merlin firmware with an ethernet connection to an ASUS AC2600 (Blue Cave) as an AIMESH node at the other end of the house. My partner has health concerns and the main router is sitting right near her head. All of the necessary ethernet cabling...
  5. P

    RT-ax86u / pro mesh stability with RT-ax68u

    Currently have rt-ac68u with merlin firmware. Looking to upgrade to rt-ax86u or pro version (no rt-ax88u pro in Australia) Question: If I want to use asus's mesh software between new rt-ax86u (or pro version) and existing rt-ax68u, Is there any known stability issues with this combo. Also does...
  6. J

    "Meshing Newbie" wants to mesh an RT-AX86U Pro with an RT-AC66U B1 (in UK)

    Good afternoon (well, it is in the UK :)) and I apologise in advance if this question has been raised before (because it probably has) but I don't know where to look! I've just replaced my RT-AC66U B1 running the house LAN & WLAN with a new RT-AX86U Pro (from Amazon) and the system is now...
  7. M

    Can you ad nodes of different manufacturers to a mesh system

    I've bought an Asus Tuf AX5400 because my existing Linksys router MX5300 doesn't allow setting up a vpn on it. I have 3 MX5300 and two other Linksys mesh routers that came from my ISP when they installed fibre to my house 2 years ago (went from 10MBS with BT copper to 600MBS). The modem...
  8. tabormeister

    GT-AX6000 performance/guest wifi issues

    GT-AX6000 main, two XT8 mesh nodes w/ 2.5g hard-wired backhaul. Currently on 388.21617 on main and nodes. If I enable guest wifi sync to nodes, everything completely freaks out - ips don't get handed out, etc. I've submitted feedback to Asus multiple times and have gotten no response. Any ideas...
  9. O

    Why are mesh nodes using the same Wifi band as the router?

    I just don't understand why. It should increase throughput considerably particularly in a crowded environment. I can guess that there are a few reasons to use the same band(s) on all nodes: It makes the administration simpler. Just one setting is needed. The coding to facilitate different...
  10. M

    DOCSIS + Wifi6 MESH solution?

    I am seeking an upgrade for my old Netgear C6300 router, it is pretty outdated in technology (DOCSIS 3.0 instead of 3.1) and on top of that it does not cover all my rooms, so I decided to go into Mesh. I have a pretty petty 3000 sq ft house. I have read several threads here, and I see there are...
  11. S

    Help me with my Decade long battle with coverage

    Hello, Im wondering if anyone can help me with my decade long battle with internet coverage. My biggest limitation is that cables are not allowed to be used across the house (It would make it look "shapeless", otherwise Id buy Access point). I uploaded two images one of my current step up...
  12. Dodge DeBoulet

    Dumping my NetGear RBKE963 6E Mesh -- AP Alternatives with Wireless Backhaul?

    After struggling with connectivity issues requiring weekly reboots of my RBK963, I've given up. This 6/6E solution is hot garbage, and the only way I've been able to get any semblance of stability is to replace its routing/DNS/DHCP functionality with an OPNSense-based firewall and a Pihole and...
  13. S

    Kernel UDB message within Syslog

    My apology if someone has the asked same or similar, but I was unable to locate the subject. Someone who is SME, can you explain what these messages mean within Asus rt syslog and how should it be addressed, if at all? Router in question is RT-AX86U running AsusWrt-Merlin version 386.7_2 and...
  14. C

    ai-mesh nodes always go offline eventually

    The nodes are hardwired ethernet backhaul. The ethernet devices connected to the nodes are still online. It just shows the nodes as offline in the web gui. Cant say exactly when or how often they go down. I usually check every week in the web gui if they're still online. This has been an issue...
  15. SandboxHaze

    Release ASUS CT8 - New Firmware:

    Security: 1. Fixed Stored XSS. 2. Fixed CVE-2022-26376. Features: 1. Fixed AiMesh issues. 2. Fixed download master related issues. 3. Fixed VPN unable to access internet while enabling QoS. Download link:
  16. C

    Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 WiFi 6E looking for best mesh router to pair

    I am looking for Asus the best choice of a Mesh wireless router to pair with my ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 WiFi 6E. This will be hard wired to the GT-AXE - Suggestions please CC
  17. V

    XT8 mesh and preferred uplink node

    I have a mesh network with 6 XT8 nodes , mainly due to thick walls with metal net in them. I.e. i need to do some radio planning to get a nice thruput on some nodes. Like this example where 4 had great signal from 3 as well as 6 sees 5 with great signal. 2,3,5 sees 1 with a nice signal. 1 (...
  18. S

    Asus Mesh Daisy Chain Speed?

    I have my AX11000 set up as the main router and 2 x XT12 connected to it as nodes, + XT8 on another floor. After my printer - one of the few 2.4 devices - would not connect to any of the nodes but rather to the main router only, I checked the available wireless networks and can see that neither...
  19. S

    Setup AiMesh - 2 x AC86U

    Hi everyone. First post here. I have an AC86U which is fullyup to date with merlin firmware and runs perfectly. I recentlybought another AC86U to setup a mesh andhave failed the setup at the 1st hurdle. Howdo I update the firmware on the new one. Do I haveto set this up completely as a new...
  20. discussion_war

    Second router for duplex apartment

    Hi, I have an Asus GT-AX11000 running Merlin firmware that I love, but the signal strength is too weak on the opposite side of the downstairs of my duplex apartment. I've looked carefully into changing the router's position in the apartment and/or running ethernet cable between floors, but for...