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  1. P

    Send stats Division and Skynet to webhook or mqtt

    Hi All, Is there any possibility to send statistics to a webhook or mqtt? I want implement this into my Home Assistant. Send every 60 seconds stats to webhook (preferred) so I can create some nice sensors to show them in HA. Greets, Peter
  2. carefulcomputer

    AWSWrt-merlin API or MQTT subscriber

    Apologies if this is wrong forum. This is my first post. For my home automation, I am looking to send commands to my router from my home automation server (to enable/disable guest network on demand, or to open/close ports on demand). When searching forums, all I could find was MQTT publish...
  3. XIII

    MQTT publish from router not working; what's blocking it?

    Somehow I can publish MQTT messages from my Raspberry Pi to my own MQTT broker (on the same Raspberry Pi), but not from my router. I'm not sure what's wrong. Who can help? Setup: Mosquitto MQTT server with valid Let's Encrypt certificates on Raspberry Pi on port 8883 Personal domain name...