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  1. J

    change MTU for guest networks?

    can I change the MTU for a guest network interface? If yes, how so? (And any reason not to?) Thank you!
  2. J

    optimal VPN MTU higher than optimal WAN MTU

    I know that VPN MTU and WAN MTU settings are interface specific—but I’m looking to understand, is the actual optimal VPN MTU limited by the optimal WAN MTU? I think my optimal VPN MTU is higher than my optimal WAN MTU. (How) is that possible? Why wouldn’t my optimal VPN MTU, in practice...
  3. J

    MTU settings — do changes in WAN MTU settings apply to OVPN configs?

    If I change the WAN MTU will it apply to my OVPN client configurations too, or do I need to change the MTU in individual custom configs in the OVPN client settings also? thank you
  4. i0ntempest

    AX86U PPPoE MTU problem/questions

    Hi all, So I've been trying to optimize my WAN MTU. I'm with Bell Fibe 1.5G and using HH4000 PPPoE passthrough, using merlin 386.7_2. From what I heard Bell should support baby jumbo frames and should allow 1500 MTU. But I noticed that if I set MTU and MRU to 1500 in WAN settings, I get...
  5. A

    OpenVPN Tunnel MTU

    Hi All. I have an Asus AC1900 (RT-AC68U) router running asuswrt-merlin 386.3_2 sitting behind a separate Spectrum wireless router and a separate Spectrum cable modem. The AC1900 connects and routes all traffic to an OpenVPN tunnel. Per Spectrum, who recently updated my modem and router, I had...
  6. T

    RT AC88U vpn stuck at 16mbps

    I cannot get my RT AC88U faster than 16mbps on a 200 mbps network while running openvpn as a server. Don't totally understand mtu and sndbuf/rcvbuf, but have read that can help. Looking for some suggestions.
  7. G

    Set MTU for clients in LAN (WiFi/WLAN)

    Device: RT-AC68U Firmware: 380.68_4 Extra software: ab-solution Problem: My RT-AC68U is attached to a cable modem, which somehow does not report the correct MTU value to the Asus router. Thus, to reach all and not some websites, I need to adjust the MTU value on the LAN clients to 1459. Some...
  8. C

    [RT-AC66U] [380.63_2] + Alcatel MW40 = MTU Hell?

    I've got an Asus RT-AC66U running Merlin 380.63_2. I'm trying to use an Alcatel MW40 hotspot (sold unblocked through Portuguese operator NÓS). The router recognizes the device once plugged in via USB and I can access the internet. However, soon after setting it up, began to notice that some...
  9. Bride

    MTU Optimization

    Hi, I have a doubt about the MTU optimization process, following the procedure below. I have to verify the parameters on my network equiments, any advice will be appreciated, I'm here for learn if possible: ADSL WAN ROUTER - MTU 1444 ASUS RT-N66U ROUTER - MTU 1416 WINDOWS CLIENTS - MTU 1388 VPN...