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  1. S

    Multicast routing SSDP to Wireguard VPN client(s)

    I'd like to be able to use the HDHomerun app on my Android phone using my Wireguard VPN on my RT-AX86U running Merlin. The unfortunate thing is that their app does not support any kind of manual configuration; it insists upon using SSDP on multicast address, and of course when...
  2. iJorgen

    Is there a way to see what Multicast-rate the router has selected when in 'Auto'?!

    When you let the router choose the WiFi-channel, it tells you what the "Current Control Channel" is. When you do the same for Multicast Rate, nothing is shown. Can this value be found with some NVRAM-variable or command?! It would be interesting to know the routers strategy when in "Auto"...
  3. A

    PPTP multicast problem

    Hello. I have a software that uses a multicast address and a UDP port 37020 for sending and receiving control packets to/from devices. My problem is that when my notebook with the software is on the network it finds devices no problem but when connected through the PPTP VPN it...
  4. G

    Time Scheduling does not block multicast traffic

    Good day. RT-AX88U with Merlin 286.3_2. Today I would like to setup Time Scheduling for mediaplayer to prevent my kid watching TV in a late time. However the trick was not successful: mediaplayer was blocked for Internet traffic, but multicast was working so all IPTV channels are open. Is...
  5. G

    Why multicasting is so poor on WiFi?

    Asus RT-AC68U with Merlin 386.1_2. The provider broadcasts IPTV via multicast. The router has the following simple settings for IPTV: I have two mediaplayers in this network: one connected by cable and one - by WiFi. Both are the same in the meaning of model, firmware and settings. Both shows...
  6. F

    Enable IGMP Snooping while on AP mode

    Hi everyone, I have an Asus RT-AC1200G+ router working in AP mode which is connected to my Internet/TV provider router via the WAN port. I have a STB connected to one of the LAN ports of the Asus router. Since there is multicast traffic reaching the Asus router (for IPTV), I would like to turn...
  7. T

    UDP Multicast (Minecraft LAN games) to wifi-devices

    Hi fellow geeks, Can you help me to let my wifi-clients "see" advertised Minecraft games on my LAN? The problem: PCs connected via ethernet to my Asus ac66u can see and connect to each others Minecraft sessions just fine. However, PCs connected via wi-fi cannot see any games advertised. The...
  8. D

    380.66 (_2) Bridge Multicast Snooping Problem

    I think the new setting to enable bridge multicast snooping is broken. My only evidence is when I'm watching IPTV, the LAN lights on all the devices behind my AC3100 are flashing continuously. On the previous firmware only the lights on the switch the set-top box is connected to were constantly...
  9. sfx2000

    Advisory - special case TLD's and zeroconf

    Not sure where else to put this, but this seems as good place as any based on active 3rd party developers and script writers... As part of a project, we ran into an odd problem with one of our testers - one of our tasks does mDNS for service and node discovery within the local subnets - and his...
  10. M

    Issue after update to 380.58

    Router is Asus RT-AC66U. IPTV doesn't work when WAN is PPPoE. If WAN is Static IP then IPTV works fine. The original firmware (2016/01/28) fixed Multicast issue when WAN is PPPoE/ PPTP/ L2TP. After click button Apply changed options router thinking very long time and login out...