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    DDNS update not working on 388.1

    I noticed after upgrading to 388.1 on my RT-AX88U, DDNS updates with namecheap no longer seem to be working. I noticed it when I happened to reboot my router the other day, the WAN IP changed but it was never updated. I verified if I manually update the IP address on namecheap my router is...
  2. S

    DNS-O-Matic and Namecheap

    Hi, I have a registered domain with Namecheap. It is like I would like to use DNS-O-Matic as DDNS updater. I have enabled in Namecheap DDNS, it works with the Asus router using Namecheap as DDNS, but now I need to use a router that doesn't have direct support for Namecheap, but...