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  1. P

    Subnetting LAN isolation

    Hi! I've used subnetting to divide my LAN into 2 networks using the mask and I wanted to use one subnet for my NAS and the other one for the rest of the devices in the house. The NAS should not be able to access any devices from the "home network" but all the devices from the...
  2. D

    Solved Proxmox running VM of Ubuntu and a SMB server how to make SMB multichannel work?

    Trying to get Smb multichannel to work on my Proxmox server. The Smb server exists on my Ubuntu VM. Anything you notice that might be wrong with this setup? additionally both client NIC's support 2 RSS channels per NIC. The server can support up to 4 RSS channels per NIC (Windows only supports...
  3. A

    Setting up login credentials for OPEN VPN

    Hello, I have a Nighthawk R7000 rooter with a default OS (which I can't change). I have for several years activated the vpn service with open vpn which works very well. However, I'd like to increase security to connect to my rooter (and therefore to the connected nas server): set up a login and...
  4. O

    Network Overloaded with NAS + wifi? Is is possible?

    I'm having network problems here at my video production company. We have a modem with internet of 500 Mpbs download and 250 Mpbs upload. On a daily basis, we are 15 people connected to the Ubiquiti wifi network + 4 people via cable Here's my setup: Modem+Router -> switcher (connected to 10...
  5. H

    Asus Network design

    I am designing a network for several buildings over a reasonable area (not sure how many sq feet), but i estimate, ideally, it will require: A mesh capable primary router - I have 2 x AC88U and 1 x AX89X I think 4 x node routers - I have amassed 6 x AC68U a largish switch - I have a netgear 24...
  6. D

    How to recover lost files from Synology NAS DS415+

    My Synology DS415+ NAS don’t turn on, it may be out of order. There is no way to access the files by just connecting the disks to the computer. I can't try replacing the device itself - there is no similar device available. How to extract data from hard disks after the NAS device broke down...
  7. B

    FreeStor 4020 firmware

    Just got this old thing but don't have any firmware to set it up with. Does anyone have the firmware?
  8. sfx2000

    ZimaCube - 6 bay NAS and networking device - N100 or Core i5-1235U

    Saw this in my newsfeed...
  9. Oyster1286

    Help with Designing Network (noob)

    Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to home networking. A while ago I setup an OpenWRT WiFi Router and that was quite complicated but I got it working. I'm now trying to better understand networking as a whole and design my own home network. I have been planning to build a NAS for file sharing, etc. and...
  10. G

    Anyone here have or use a Transcend Storejet Cloud?

    I picked one of these up last year for $200 at a clearance sale, with 2 4TB WD Blue drives in it, I couldn't pass it up. When I first set it up, I was able to set up folders, and pretty sure I copied some folders over to it etc. just to test. Then I decided not to use it until I got some...
  11. V

    So what would be best practice for my specific situation: VPN into home network and DDNS

    Hi, So I’m just looking for what the best option is here. I’ve managed to setup a raspberry pi with pihole (proud of that). I bought a Synology Nas for backup and Plex (got that working as well). I use a Asus RT-AX86U router with the latest version of merlin. So I’m looking for the best wat...
  12. 350z6233

    ASUS RT-AX53U conflicts with NAS WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra

    Hello all, I'm a new owner of the RT-AX53U router, and so far it has been working quite well with my Wi-Fi 6 laptop (MBP 14 m2). I am getting speeds of 600+ Mbps for both upload and download, and I have no issues streaming 4K videos and so on. However, I am experiencing a problem when using it...
  13. C

    Swapped disks and now can't access UI

    Hi all I could use some advice, I have a TS-231 which has 2 1TB disks in a RAID 1 array. I'm over 80% used capacity so thought a disk update is needed, I got a couple of 4tb WD Reds and today set about swapping the first disk. I made sure to follow the process. Going to storage manager and...
  14. K

    Videos and Photos become distorted after transfer?

    I’ve got a triple system build into the same PC case: - Windows System - Hackintosh System - NAS System My NAS System is a LattePanda 3 Delta with Windows Server 2016 installed. The storage drives are NVMe SSDs. All 3 systems are hooked up together via Ethernet onto a QNAP QSW-1105-5T. I can...
  15. Sven Golly

    Accessing NAS Remotely

    I have an ASUS RT-AC56R running Merlin LTS firmware powering our home network. I have a USB drive hooked up which is visible on my home network (after much tearing out of hair). So my question (as a noob) is: what's the best way to access the NAS remotely from outside the home network. My...
  16. W

    Sem acesso ao BlackArmor NAS 220 - Seagate

    Olá! Black Armor NAS da Seagate que normalmente não acende, porém, os leds têm a resposta de Ping como antes, e me da nenhum para eu tentar acesso através da rede. Uso um roteador Mikrotik que faz um torch, não me retorna nenhum IP através da ether, e nem em IP>Address não me retorna nenhum IP...
  17. kittmaster

    Help in setting up a GT-AXE11000, RT-AX88U, & 4 RT-AC68U nodes with NAS and AX210 Laptop

    I'm looking for advice on an architecture change/setup. I have a Synology NAS DS918+ connected to my "old" 88U aggregated to 2Gbps, my new 88u connected via ethernet to create the 160Mhz for my AX210. All that changes with the new 11000 I just got...
  18. N

    WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra versus WD My Cloud Mirror (2022 version)

    I have seen this comparison dated 2017, but since products likely evolved over 5 years, I wanted to solicit new feedback. I currently have two separate WD My Cloud (model WDBCTL0080HWT). Each NAS drive is 8TB of media (movies, pictures, music) with 2TB free space. One is primary, the other a...
  19. S

    Win 10 fails to do a system image backup on a HDD connected to Netgear R7800 (Error 0x80070570)

    Ok, so guys I have never created a full system image over Networked Attached Storage, so this is the issue I'm facing whenever I start doing a backup, as soon as it reaches C:/ it gives me this error below. I have performed CHKDSK command on both the internal and the external HDD. The system...
  20. S

    RT-AC5300 Link Aggregation with Synology NAS

    Hi All, Ive got a question relating to setting up link aggregation between my main router RT-AC5300 and Synology DS920+. The 5300 only has 4 ethernet ports, Ive got 2 mesh nodes on ethernet backhaul, and I have a bunch of other things to hardwire in. My thought was: Port 1 + 2 (LIAG Ports)...