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  1. M

    [Help needed] Reachhing a router behind another router through DDNS and port forwarding.

    Hi everyone, I need a little help with a mix of WAN + LAN + NAT situation… So I have Router A, B & C. (A) is Internet facing (B) is setup on a different subnet to offer VPN coverage by using the router’s VPN client (C) is configured as an Access Point to offer expanded wifi coverage...
  2. savage75

    Wireguard VPN connected peers can't reach local network devices

    Hi folks! Trying to set Wireguard VPN on ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8) so I can access my local network through it (as below) Peer1 ( connects successfully to the wireguard server, also it can ping (wgs1) and (LAN) but can’t connect to other devices on (
  3. RahulM

    VPN Two Networks with NAT

    Hi all. I'm trying to set up a remote network in my parents flat in India which gets its internet through a mobiel sim card. I am based in the UK and have an Asus RT-AX89X and have placed an asus RT-AC88U in the flat in India. What I would like to be able to do is connect to the flat in India...