1. ekze

    AC66U slow with 6in4 - advise on new router

    I've been struggling with my AC66U (old rev.) speed issues, finally I narrowed it down to IPv6. When I enable 6in4, my speed over ipv4 gets capped at around ~130-150 mbps, and router is lagging like crazy (ICMP 20-30ms, unresponsive web), as soon as I disable IPv6, I get ~700-900 mbps without...
  2. superkrups20056

    Best Merlin router settings for a double-NAT environment?

    Hey guys, I have what I feel is an unavoidable Double-NAT setup. I am getting internet from my landlord who is considerate enough to allowing me to use his wifi, but he also uses it with his devices. I have a Merlin configured AX-88U, which is connected via ethernet to an AmpliFi node getting a...
  3. R

    ASUS AX 11000 PS4 NAT (Type)

    I have configured my AX 11000 out of the box. 2* 5GHZ Networks enabled and nothing changed. PS4 is connected to the network and works. But says it’s NAT Type 1. what do I have to do to get NAT Type 1?
  4. M

    ddns hairpinning on ng r9000 with Voxel + Kamoj running

    Hello to everybody here, I´m new here because I bought a used X10 and changed stock to Voxel. I did that for having DNS and webfilter options. But what i really would like to use is nextcloud talk and therefore i need ddns internally resolved by NAT Loopback. I can´t get it to work and i...
  5. B

    Comms between different networks help

    Hi, read many threads on how to achieve this and had partial success. Please guide me in the correct direction. Many thanks in advance. I have a Router/Modem/IPTV thing that my ISP installed me, which has the internet connection. It has a network of This will be router 1 and...
  6. T

    WAN throughput slower without NAT

    I recently added an RT-AC68U to my home network to create a subnetwork. However, after disabling NAT my WAN throughput dropped to 400Mbit (CPU1 100% and CPU2 60% load) from the recent 930Mbit (CPU1+2 at 100% load). Is this expected behaviour? Shouldn't disabling features increase speed rather...
  7. scottlitch

    Advice on NAT Gateway Router for Home Use

    Hello! I am looking to add a faster NAT router/gateway to my network between my 6 month old ASUS CM-16 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem and my unmanaged Linksys LGS124P Gigabit PoE+ switch which is connected to all of the wired CAT5e jacks in my home at my patch panel. I have (2) 802.11 ac AirPort...
  8. L

    Cisco port forwarding question

    Hello! I have a Cisco 7206VXR running Version 12.4(12.2r)T. I have an openfire XMPP server that needs to have port 5222 forwarded. Server is G0/1 is my WAN interface My current NAT ACL for overload looks like this: Standard IP access list NAT 10 permit
  9. macster2075

    Help with double NAT

    Hi.. I am trying to eliminate double NAT. The way I have my RT-AC68P router is as follows. ISP Modem LAN port to WAN port on Asus Router. I have the option to bridge the ISP modem (Actiontec T3200) (, but, I can't do that because this modem is located in my office which...
  10. J

    Access to PC connected to bridge WiFi

    Hi, I have just completed the following setup: Fiber modem -> Cable -> Asus AC68U -> WiFi 2.4 GHz ->Asus AC66U_B1 -> Cable -> MediaCenter My media center only supports cabled network connections, thus I purchased a 2nd Asus router to act as a media bridge. My problem is now that I can't connect...
  11. M

    Need help in setting up DDNS

    I sometimes find myself going to my parent's house to make some changes on their router (AC66U_B1). It would be much easier if I could access the web interface from my place. The problem is their ISP provide them with a private IP (10.X.X.X). Is there something I can do to still get access from...
  12. M

    VPN/DDNS set up on multiple NAT environment

    Hello, I have recently moved to a new place where my ISP uses PPPoE as a method of connecting to the internet. Basically I do not have any modem in-between and the connection goes directly into the main router. In my case an Asus 68U. I have to input the ISP provided username and password to...
  13. NeeWii

    Router recommendations for QoS, Packet Prioritisation & uPnP? (Plex Server & Gaming)

    Hi, I'm in the market for a new router but could use some assistance in identifying a router/firmware combination that meets my needs. I've been using a NetDuma router for quite a while (the old R1 hardware), but recently I've found it to be buggy and is capping my 300Mbps download speeds at...
  14. R

    4G-AC53U: Please disable NAT Acceleration for more precise scheduling control?

    Hi, I am using 4G-AC53U, for the Parental Control function page, Asus mentioned "Please disable NAT Acceleration for more precise scheduling control". But I can only disable "NAT Acceleration" for LAN, I can't find the "NAT Acceleration" for Wireless, why is that? Does the Router...
  15. H

    Asus RT-AC88U NAT Passthrough

    In Asus RT-AC88U, the VPN related NAT Passthrough by default allows PPTP Passthrough L2TP Passthrough IPSec Passthrough RTSP Passthrough H.323 Passthrough SIP Passthrough do any of these pose a security liability ? ie can someone from the WAN take advantage of these passthroughs to connect...
  16. F

    New to Merlin - Asus RT-AC86U - release 384.7_2 - NAT loopback?

    Is there no ability to enable NAT loopback in Merlin 384.7_2?
  17. rkk2025

    RT-AC68U - Wireless router mode with Client Mode? (Connect router to AP while keeping NAT, etc)?

    Hi, Is it possible to connect my RT-AC68U (With AsusWRT-Merlin) to another AP (Just like a Wireless Repeater) while keeping the "Wireless router mode"? I want to keep a NATed subnet (With its own DHCP) that should not be accessible from outside, the "Wireless Repeater" mode doesn't fulfil that...
  18. T

    conntrack tool not work. maybe libnfnetlink problem

    I have a RT-AC68U router and need to flush nat conntrack for some reasons. I tried compiled conntrack tool and it does not work. I have noticed that there exist libnfnetlink in router, so I tried below code to do a test: #include "libnfnetlink/libnfnetlink.h" #include...
  19. D

    NAT Acceleration prevents Wi-Fi Calling from working

    Hello, You may remember me from when I asked why my ASUS AC3100 was not working with iOS Wi-Fi Calling. I finally figured out that NAT Acceleration is what prevents it from working, but I don't want to disable it because my speeds drop from nearly 1 Gbps to 300 Mbps... Is there a way of fixing...
  20. TinMan11

    Should nmap show ports?

    Perhaps a silly/stupid question, but when I run an nmap scan from an external source, not all of my open port forwards show up. Should they? I have confirmed they are in /temp/nat_rules. Thanks in advance.