network analysis

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    I can not stream! I have 1200Mb DL and 40Mb UL. When I run a game the speeds drop by 99%. What is happening ? Please help

    Fellow IT professional here. Found this website today when I was looking up optimizations for gaming and streaming. I have no idea what is happening with my network. I have two networks at my house. One for my family and all their devices. Then I have my own private network. I only have ONE...
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    Extend Network Tools - Network Analysis

    Hi, Thnx for Merlin. Like it so far, installed it 2 days agi on my RT-AC68U . However I do have a question. On the networkanalysis tab I can do a ping to several predefined servers. Why not add the server "other" to this and add a testfield which can be used to fill in any server or a local IP...