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  1. C

    ASUS TUF-AX5400 with NextDNS

    Hi, I have ASUS TUF-AX5400 Router with Firmware, I started to use NextDNS, with their IPv4 IPs, since my router don't support Merlin Firmware I can't use CLI. Now under the NextDNS logs/analytics, I see that all the traffic comes from my external IPv4 that it's true, but how I...
  2. SevenFactors

    NextDNS CLI Merlin GUI

    I just found out about Nextdns CLI and its support for asus-merlin. Was the GUI ever implemented? It is kind of a let down to see the excitement this thread started with and then how it abruptly ended. I scanned the...
  3. U

    Merlinwrt + Mullvad OPVN + NextDNS

    Hey there, sorry if this has been answered before - I have looked and can't find a similar question. I'm not a networking expert before I begin! have just upgraded to MerlinWRT and Mullvad is my VPN of choice. As a side note I'd like to use wireguard but they only have instructions for openwrt...
  4. L

    NextDNS Windows installler

    This question I have is regarding the NextDNS installer itself. This sub forum: seems to be inactive for over 2 years. and I can't post anything there. Hopefully, someone can help me out as to what NextDNS installer actually do...
  5. K

    Unable to access internet with private dns

    Hi, I am getting an error when trying to acess the internet through asus router (ax86u) with merlin 388.1 installed... Feb 13 22:25:26 bsd: bsd: Sending act Frame to 16:82:60:35:5f:1d with transition target eth7 ssid 7c:10:c9:e5:b9:6c Feb 13 22:25:27 bsd: bsd: STA:16:82:60:35:5f:1d no response...
  6. J

    Wireguard + NextDNS

    Hello everyone! I have a RT-AX88u and have the latest Merlin firmware. I am currently using dnscrypt and I use nextdns as my resolver. I am also using mullvad vpn tied to one of the interfaces under vpn director. To make this setup work I had to delete the dns server configuration in the...
  7. Bieniu

    [Fork] [Asuswrt-Merlin 374 LTS] How to use custom DoT servers

    I have AC-66U with 374.43_52E7j9527 and I want it to use my NextDNS DoT server. How can I add custom DoT server like this
  8. iJorgen

    Is there a way to set DNS-server priority in Dnsmasq when using DoT?!

    I have setup the two NextDNS servers under WAN with DNS-over-TLS. If looking at "/etc/resolv.conf" it now points to localhost with the entry "nameserver". All good so far and it seems to be using Round Robin. I then tried adding these two lines in "dnsmasq.postconf" and with the...
  9. J

    DNScrypt DNSCrypt and NextDNS

    Hello everyone! I am not sure if this has been asked as I looked into the forums before posting and most likely I might have missed it. But would anyone be able to assist me setting up DNSCrypt together with my NextDNS account using amtm? I think I read somewhere that v2 version of DNSCrypt...
  10. ToonTonic

    NextDNS CLI Reboot DoR issues

    Hi all, I have recently purchased the GT-AXE11000, and immediately added the Merlin OS as that is what I have been using for years on my RT-AC88U. An issue I have come across is when either router on this OS reboots, I lose internet connection to my devices. Devices like Philips Hue hub lose...
  11. N

    What's the point of DoH/DoT

    I've been running Pihole with cloudflare doh proxy for sometime now. While it works ok, I've been considering ditching it for Asus-merlin built in dot with nextdns. But does DoH/DoT makes any difference. My ISP can still see the IPs i am communicating with and can do reverse dns lookup to see...
  12. R

    NextDNS becomes unknown on router reboot

    I am trying out NextDNS on the RT-AC5300. I perform the curl install and all things come up just fine. However, when I reboot - the NextDNS daemon does not start nor does it appear to be installed on the router other than the config file. I haven't done anything about setting up an external...
  13. d0g

    NextDNS kills CBS on Roku/Chromecast

    NextDNS is working great on my Asus ... but it makes the CBS app on my Roku and Chromecast unusable (due to ad blocking.) Is there any way to permit that app or device to bypass filters?
  14. Olivier Poitrey

    NextDNS Installer

    I'm proud to announce NextDNS is now officially supporting Merlin. You can find the installation procedure on our Github Wiki. We are also working with @RMerlin to add a UI to this integration. Stay tuned. You can post your questions or concerns to this thread or contact us directly through...