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  1. Mdschmid777

    VPN inside VPN - Loss of Internet

    I need some help. I have an OpenVPN running on my Merlin Router (self-created AWS profile), but due to my network setup, it is not the primary router. Everything works fine when I am connected to ONLY my OpenVPN, but when I connect to another VPN on my computer, it blocks all my network traffic...
  2. kintamanate

    RT-AC86U - no lights (except port 4), no connectivity

    Hello, I'll break my story into 3 parts, history, issue(s) and what I've tried, if you want to skim or just read ahead. My life's story About 8 years ago I started out with an AC68U. I used Asus and Merlin firmware on it. Two years ago when I moved into a bigger place I got an AC86U to put...
  3. sergio_live

    [R7800 X4S] - no PPTP connection on latest firmware

    Hey guys! A few days ago I unpacked my new Netgear R7800 and realized that it’s on the v1.0.2.32 stock firmware. I set up my PPTP credentials with server IP (just to ensure router works well) and had a connection right out of the box. After I updated to the latest v1.0.2.58 stock firmware I...
  4. losdelrock

    Asus AC5300 versus HP M175NW Wifi issues.

    Hi there, I have had the above router for around 3 months now and kept the stock Asus firmware with a few niggly issues. Apologies for the long post, here goes, I am doing all this from a MacBook. Every time I made a Wifi (or almost any other) change, the Asus would drop the Wifi and I would...