no internet on lan but internet in router

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    T-Mobile ASUS TM-AC1900 (RT-AC68U variant) gets WAN IP and can ping Internet but connected WiFi clients indicate no Internet?

    Bought a used TM-AC1900 router off Craigslist to replace my less powerful router that's been used with a Netgear modem for Xfinity Internet. Router's firmware is, i.e., *not* flashed with ASUS RT-AC68U or other compatible 3rd party firmware and not ready to do that at this...
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    intermittent issues with RT-AX88u dual wan and Load Balance

    I've been trying out DUAL WAN Load balance, it seems the cable modem is picky, I got it working by using the mac clone feature. when my cable modem was provisioned they used the cable modem mac address, and at the time it was connected to the ASUS router WAN port. I used that WAN port (eth0)...