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  1. Y

    Diversion Not Blocking Ads

    I’m sure this is just user error, but I have no networking experience, and cannot figure out how to get things working. Diversion says it’s operating properly, but no ads are being logged as blocked. I’m assuming none of my traffic is being routed properly through Diversion, but I haven’t the...
  2. A

    Noob Question: Is there a way to save and restore configs like (device names, static ips, port forwarding) so factory resets are less inconvenient ?

    I was thinking about doing a factory reset. I read in a thread that you can save and restore configs that wasn't through the UI. I don't remember what or how it was done. Also if tihs doesn't exist please let me know as well. This is with stock asus firmware. Thanks in advance.
  3. D

    Q @ 'QOS' over wifi

    Hi. Searched the forum and wiki and didn't see any threads relating to this ... maybe because everyone else knows this isn't possible (LOL). I have an RT-N66UR with 380.69_2, in AP mode because I have another device doing the routing. On the 2.4 wifi is a Roku TV box. I have some issue between...
  4. E

    Can't establish connection

    I installed AsusWRT-Merlin easily, and I was able to get it all set up (including parental restrictions for certain times on my children's devices). It is working well, but I can no longer connect to the router to make adjustments. I do have an IP address (of course) and I can get out to the...