nvram bug

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    Issue with GT-AXE11000 firmware not saving. /data partition mounting in read-only.

    Been having some, weirdness with my router the last week or so and its come to a head. @GT-AXE11000-2730:/tmp/home/root# nvram commit wlcsm_nvram_commit:641 could not open nvram file copy_file:217 Could not open file:/data/.kernel_nvram.setting UIhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
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    386.9 upgraded and get immediate low NVRAM warning after.

    I just updated an RT-AC68u to 386.9 from 386.7_2 and am immediately getting a low NVRAM warning suggesting I factory reset. I have 6 reserved DHCP addresses, run FLEXQOS and an openvpn server that is currently inactive. Is this warning a bug, a new feature that did not exist or something else...
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    My experience with the RT-AC86U

    Decided I'd setup a sort of online diary about my user experience with the Asus RT-AC86U, a.k.a. Wireless-AC2900. It has dual-core 1.8 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM and for what I can tell, good throughput and good WiFi radios. (If looking for a router in 2022, turns out there are better options for a...