nvram reset

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  1. G

    rt-ac68u nvram running low how to reset and steps after reset to configure

    asus rt-ac68u just updated to latest firmware 386.9 getting message low nvram. after doing the reset what are the steps to reinstall latest firmware and reconfigure settings. please give details. thank you , gio
  2. Eren

    ASUS RT-AC5300 not flashing firmware

    Hello everyone, my AC5300 died recently and I have followed several guides in this forum. I, for example, tried using the ASUS Recovery tool to reflash the firmware and it uploads, but after it uploades, it randomly dies, it does not actually flash the firmware, it sometimes from blinking power...
  3. DaVoodoo

    Time for a Factory Reset - Asus DSL-AC68U??

    Greetings. I am running the router with the latest stable gnuton/merlin firmware. I am getting the following in my log file: dnsmasq-dhcp[231]: failed to write /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases: No space left on device (retry in 60s) and smbd[331]: smbd_accept_connection: sys_fork() failed...