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  1. V

    Oplock break failed

    I have a couple of hard drives connected to my RT-AC86U. These hard drives act as NAS for the Plex Server on Nvidia Shield. Since the firmware version (released on 05-09-2019), I randomly get the message below in the router log whenever Plex needs to play a file: "Oplock break...
  2. N

    Nvidia Shield TV PLEX Server Slow Access to Asus RT-AC68U USB HDD

    My setup is an NVIDIA Shield TV Pro (2019) running a PLEX server with the media stored on a hard drive plugged into my Asus RT-AC68U (Merlin Firmware 384.17) acting as a NAS. I moved the USB drive from the Shield as it would loose access to the plugged in HDD for some reason. Having it on the...