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  1. M

    AX82U issues with WAN port going down every day

    Hello! At my wits end with an issue, hoping somewhere here can provide some insight. Issue: My WAN port is going down roughly once a day at various times. Temporary fix: Connect a computer to the WAN port and run dhcp release and renew commands, then reconnect the WAN port back to the modem...
  2. C

    AX RT-AX88U + Comcast Random Dropouts

    First I'll say that I'm an engineer by trade and understand the basics of networking. This problem however has eluded me for a long time (2 years)... and I need some help on what to try next. My internet drops out quite randomly. I keep a log of each event but cant find any pattern to it. Drops...
  3. Chamaco Arano

    RT-AC3100: Dropping all clients daily, same time

    Like the title suggests, all devices are dropped at the same time every day. While the devices drop, I remain connected to the wireless network, and I was able to test connectivity to the WAN and LAN. I was unable to get a ping reply from both the router, or an external source. This has been...
  4. I

    Widespread Asus Router issues?

    Hello! Starting late last night we started seeing people with Asus routers, the AC87 in particular, having issues connecting to the Internet almost as if it was a DNS issue, but not. Seems to be affecting this model regardless of the ISP the user has, the DNS used, and even on routers...
  5. Julio Urquidi

    Accounts Engine Hiccup Resets OnHub and Google Wifi Products To Default

    On Thursday, Google Wifi and OnHub owners reported loss of Wi-Fi functionality, a key feature in today’s wireless world. Apparently, these Google products were reset back to factory defaults, requiring product owners to rerun documented steps to set up their Wi-Fi all over again. According to...
  6. gbock

    WLAN (only) loses connection

    hi there, I am using a RT-N66U with Merlin 380.57. In the past weeks I recognize on devices that are wireless connected often an outage of the internet. at the same time the wired connection is available. After 20 sec. the connection is available again. So I think it must be an error of the...