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  1. skeal

    Struggling with OVPN Server can someone advise me please?

    Good morning: I've had OVPN Server working on an AX88U an AC68U and an AC1900P all of which worked quite well. Yesterday I reset all three routers to factory defaults (maintenance), the AX88U is on 386.8 and the others on 386.7_2 Since the router was reset to defaults with just a default OVPN...
  2. J

    OVPN DNS & Policy-based routing question

    Question: If I set an OVPN client’s “Accept DNS configuration” settings to DISABLED … and set “Redirect Internet traffic through tunnel” to VPN Director (policy rules) … … will the DNS queries associated with those devices for which VPN director is set to enable use of the VPN client...
  3. F

    RT-AX89X Cannot import .ovpn file (file format or path is invalid)

    I have currently using RT-AX89X with firmware version I tried to import the .ovpn file provided by my VPN provider. However, no matter how I try, the system always shows "file format or path is invalid" when I try to import the file. I have tried with different browsers as...
  4. T

    YazFi Asuswrt-Merlin and Yazfi - Separate VPN on SSID with AiMesh

    Hi Community, Im hoping someone can help me solve what I would imagine is a simple problem. Im open to all ideas. I have three Asus Routers running 385 firmware. 1 RT-AC88U and 2 RT-AC68U'w. They are running AiMesh, with ethernet backhaul. All is working fine. SSID1 : Internet over WAN...
  5. MHK1996

    Can't use OVPN with Dual-Wan load balancer routes

    OVPN won't work while my Dual-Wan is routing different devices through different WANs. I tried moving up the iprule but if I move it above the routing option the routing get's disabled and uses both connections at the same time. Example: I have PC go through WAN1 TV go through WAN2 I want to...
  6. F

    OpenVPN Server issues

    Hi, Yesterday I had a router crash and ended up redoing everything from scratch. It's now up and running as before, except for the OVPN. The OVPN server is running on the router and I can connect to it from a client (phone). However I'm unable to use the internet via the VPN. What I want is to...
  7. H

    Scripted VPN client configuration

    Is there a way to set up a VPN client connection at the command line. I'd like to be able to read an ovpn file and write the configuration using a script. My intention is to automate downloading of an ovpn file; choosing a server with the most capacity and lowest ping, and then automatically...
  8. wheelq

    problem setting up VPN between two ASUS routers

    Two of my routers are running on different networks in different locations. I have set up OVPN servers on both routers, and I have exported ovpn profile files from both of them After importing the ovpn profile files I am able to connect to both using tunnelbrick. Both tunnels work fine, which...
  9. D

    Wireless Advice - Mikrotik

    Following deployment of a mikrotik RB1100AHx2 in my office and being very impressed, I'm now looking to replace my home system due to a dying Asus N66u. At present i have Wired Clients --> Netgear Prosafe Switch (House is full Cat 6 to this) --> (LAN) Asus N66u (Serving Wireless) (WAN) -->...
  10. Zonkd

    Modify openvpn server settings via ssh instead

    Is this here the correct file to edit with nano if I want to manually change my openvpn server 1 settings via ssh (without web console gui)??? /tmp/etc/openvpn/server1/config.ovpn I don't see any server config files that might apply in /jffs/openvpn/ , only my PKI files like ca,crt,key Has...
  11. Resonce

    Having problems making guest network wifi work with OpenVPN config of Mullvad

    So I've tested my configuration of Mullvad VPN which was done through following their guide https://mullvad.net/en/guides/asus-merlin-and-mullvad-vpn/ it works properly on LAN but totally fails connecting to the internet on the guest network at first I thought it was the routes I set or my...
  12. B

    Configure OVPN client on Ubuntu 16.04

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and unexperienced, and I hope you can help me. I recently got an ASUS RT-AC56U, and it now runs the latest version of Merlin. I set up an OpenVPN server and with the ovpn file provided managed to run a client on my Windows laptop. However, I mostly work on...
  13. Stobber

    crond runs "cmd service start_vpnserver1" every minute

    I'm running 380.65 on an RT-N66U with one OVPN server enabled (and no clients). I'm not sure whether this is a bug or not, but I noticed this in my syslog: Feb 23 10:52:00 crond[234]: USER admin pid 761 cmd service start_vpnserver1 Feb 23 10:52:00 rc_service: service 762:notify_rc...
  14. C

    VPN setup RT_AC66u Asuswrt-merlin 380.59

    Can anyone point me to a detailed guide to setting up a VPN server on my router and a handful of windows and android clients. All the ones i have read so far seem to be for older firmwares and OpenVPN. My main aim is to be able to access my home network for maintenance and media streaming...