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  1. A

    Confused about subnets and vlans

    So I have a four port DIY router running pfsense and a Zyxel 24 port managed switch - neither are currently in use on my home network. I'm just connected to them via an old laptop to configure the web ui's. This is because my wife is very reliant on internet and access to our media server so I...
  2. D

    VLAN Config Query using pfSense and Unifi

    Hey all, LAN ip addressing is getting close to capacity, so thought best practice to create new networks for Trusted, Guest & IoT. I have set the rules in pfsense that trusted VLAN (phones, laptops, watches, TVs, etc) has access back and forth to default LAN (reserved for static servers, VMs...
  3. Oyster1286

    Help with Designing Network (noob)

    Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to home networking. A while ago I setup an OpenWRT WiFi Router and that was quite complicated but I got it working. I'm now trying to better understand networking as a whole and design my own home network. I have been planning to build a NAS for file sharing, etc. and...
  4. sfx2000

    10gb Integrated box

    Saw this the other day...
  5. P

    vlans ac-68u ap mode issue

    Hi, So my issue is that I'm trying to use 2 vlans here to create 2 private networks. realistically if I got one of those two working I would be really happy. I have a pfsense box as my router and the vlans are configured on that. I have my netgear r7000 with freshtomato and vlans work perfectly...
  6. S

    Another firewall advice

    I have lost my second PfSense router to another friend of mine for the 2nd time in as many years! Anyway, they were on an old hardware and I was planning an upgrade; because, we have starting planning a home-automation project. We want to lockdown the network before we do anything on this...
  7. HearToLearn

    Guest network access point with VLAN

    Hi all, Trying to improve my networking skills with switching to pfsense for my router, I'm learning a lot but theres one problem I cannot resolve. I want to setup at least one guest WiFi AP isolated from the rest of the network. I did find an excellent post from @gpz1100 with a bash shell...
  8. B

    Protecting physical interface?

    Hi all, So a friend asked me to setup a network system for his workplace. As of now, I'm intending to go with a pfSense box as a router. Not talking about the network design yet, the real problem is a server room. His business office is in a shared building. There are other companies in that...
  9. B

    What's bad about this setup?

    The following setup is for home network. It's just a theoretical one, a case study I create myself for my (near) future network upgrade. For now, I will not go into detail of my goals and reasons for the setup, but in general, I want it to be as secure as possible, and devices/clients must be...
  10. W

    AliExpress pfSense boxes — what to look for OpenVPN routing?

    After reading a few threads here about dedicated mini pc, Qotom, Yanling and Minisys are the leading choices as a VPN appliances. I have an existing wireless setup, so a wired-only hardware is perfect for my use. I will be running it as an OpenVPN gateway and firewall for my existing network...
  11. B

    Is there anything 1 level above pfSense?

    Maybe many of you have experienced this before. From integrated modem provided by ISP, you move on to a separate router. From a router, you learn about third-party firmware (Voxel, Merlin, etc) and so on. For me, it's like this: ISP integrated modem -> ISP modem + dedicated router ->...
  12. R

    siting an ips/ids/dnsBlock(PfSense? or ClearOs?) in a vpn cascade?

    Current: Inet->wan-AC68u (ipsec passthrough)-lan ->wan-AX11000gt Hello all, Firstly, I wish everyone safe and well during this time of global worry. Please, could you kindly help me out, I think I know what to do, however I don't want to sway advice with my inexperienced opinion. After 8...
  13. L

    router for home network update

    It is finally time to updgrade my old Draytek 2130 wired router. It served admirably for nearly 10 years, and can maintain 700Mbit hardware NAT throughput to WAN on my 1Gb Comcast internet, but it is showing it's age with slow VPN encryption and old VPN security standards. And I guess my new...
  14. R

    Need guidance on network setup

    Hi Folks, I would appreciate some guidance on planning/optimizing my network layout. I am not very well versed with network planning or network infra but have played around with different tech over a period of time. The first pic is my current network layout. A couple of points: * 2 separate...
  15. dugaduga

    Pfsense VM WAN IP set but not routing through AsusWRT OpenVPN tunnel

    I'm testing out PFsense in a Virtualbox. PFsenses WAN is set to a static IP configured on the AsusWRT to be strictly routed through an OpenVPN tunnel; it sits on this IP and yet nothing is going through the OpenVPN tunnel. Its somehow going through the WAN on AsusWRT. I can't figure this one...
  16. W

    Question about DNS VPN

    Hi All, Would someone give me some pointers on the following? I have two VPN client connections through my VPN provider to two different locations. I have set up Aliases for devices that I want on each VPN and aliases for the DNS servers. The connection work great but it seems that the DNS...
  17. cmkelley

    Discussion - OpenSSL 1.1.1 and beyond

    I was having a thought about OpenSSL 1.1.1 and started the below as a response in a different thread, but I realize it's grown wildly off-topic for that thread. This is just a discussion point and a request for someone with more understanding than I to chime in as to if I'm on the right track...
  18. G

    PFSense - Guest Wi-Fi without VLAN's ?

  19. G

    PFSense and Modem\Modem Mode Security

  20. sfx2000

    [pfSense] - pfSense 2.4.4 - Gold Subs are will be free to all

    This is a good deal for all pfSense users and folks that might be interested in adopting pfSense for their gateway/router platforms. Starting with the upcoming release of pfSense® 2.4.4, all of the services previously...