port isolation

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  1. PaulA

    Port isolation on RT-AX88U-Pro (router) w/ Merlin w/ Tagged internet ISP

    As a newby I have been trying to configure my RT-AX88U-Pro router to isolate a camera system connected to LAN poort 2 from the rest on the LAN, so basically to setup a guestnet which only has access to internet. Funny enough with Asus stock firmware I can setup a VLAN and configure LAN poort 2...
  2. R

    ASUS RT-AC88U LAN Port 2 + Guest 2 Isolation

    Hi, I Have an ASUS RT-AC88U, I Want to Isolate Port 2 and Guest Wifi 2 into a separate network (br1) that can´t access (br0) This is my Config: "/jffs/scripts/services-start" #!/bin/sh # Make sure the script is indeed invoked touch /tmp/000-services-start robocfg vlan 1 ports "1 3 5 7 8t"...