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  1. J

    Why does my RT-AX88u show ports 80,443 & 21 open from WAN?

    I am sure this kind of question gets asked a lot but I have been reading many different forums/threads/sites and I just cant figure out why Nmap is showing ports 80, 443 & 21 open on my router. I have UPnP & Port Trigger disabled & I only have 1 port forwarded which is for my Plex server. So why...
  2. supermorph

    wanted to ask for some help

    question, is there any plans to add a more fleshed out port forwarding ui? i ask, as i am used to openwrt and dd-wrt and find it sometimes a bit frustrating that asus has left this dumbed down so we cant add ports manually instead of just games or programs in its listings :) thanks for your...
  3. Y

    YazFi YazFi - Allow NTP only

    Hello to everyone, long-time lurker, first time poster - please be gentle! I tried to find the answer for my question for days before posting, but to no avail, so here goes: I have a Synology NAS with a cloud-based D-Link camera for which I made a guest network with no Internet access...
  4. J

    [Question] Where are stored the mapping list names of internet protocols used by traffic Analyzer ?

    I would like to read a file where the protocols ports are mapped with their protocol ( or app) name strings used by Traffic Analyzer tool. I would expect something like the /etc/protocols file. Can someone help me to find that list ? i hope it's not hardcoded into some closed source stuff
  5. B

    Tor: How can an application access tor's Control Port (default 9051)?

    RT-AC86U, 386.3_2 On the VPN::Tor tab, the port fields are Trans (default 9040) and DNS (default 9053). Tor enabled with those defaults is basically working based on a test using Firefox. I have an application which accesses tor's Control Port (default 9051), and would like to know if I can...
  6. J

    Killswitch / port control

    Hi, I have a raspberry-pi working as a torrent box (with headless raspberry pi OS), I installed nordvpn but the Killswitch might be not working. I catch it once with connection lost and still internet access, so now I don't fully trust it. So I wonder if: 1) is there any other way to...
  7. T

    RT-AC88U Lost top 4 ports

    Hi, I updated to the latest version of Asus Merlin (384.17) and lost the top 4 LAN ports, port 5-8. When I go to Tools -> Sysinfo and scroll down to the Port list it says this : Port VLAN Link State Last Device Seen WAN 2 1000 Full Duplex 00:00:00:00:00:00 LAN 1...
  8. xendi

    Unable to specify port range in Network Services Filter

    If I try to do something like this: I always get the error dialog "Please enter a value between 1 to 65535": I am unable to enter port ranges. It will only accept singlular port numbers.
  9. AppleBag

    Forwarded Ports Not Being Saved?

    Hey all I'm currently on version 384.6, with a ASUS RT-AC68U. For some weird reason, when I add any ports to be forwarded at the WAN - Virtual Server / Port Forwarding tab, after filling the info in and clicking the + button to add it to the list, I'll click Apply, it'll show the usual popup...
  10. D

    RT-AC88U ports and switches

    Given the RT-AC88U has (2) switches, is there a difference in connecting Ethernet clients to ports 0-3 or 4-7 ?
  11. Steini

    Open port in Transmission

    First I'd like to say thank you for a great forum! I've learned so much from reading here. :-) I have followed this guide: https://www.hqt.ro/transmission-download-manager-through-new-generation-optware/ and installed Transmission and got it working. I'm a newbie and couldnt have done it...
  12. Z

    Parental Controls and Firewall setup

    I am writing this to offer my experience, so that it may help others. I had a surprisingly hard time to find information and examples of "real" parental control functionality with ASUS routers. I searched the net, and specifically this forum. I have an RT-AC66U, running the .57 Merlin build...