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    Switching to SSD for decreasing power cosumption

    Does this have sense? I have problems which I believe are connected with insufficient power supply in my USB3 port. However I didn't found decent way to check it (to check whether it's power-related or not).
  2. W

    Is the ASUSWRT GUI the same for all supported features accross all ASUS Routers?

    Part of the attraction to Asus Routers are favourable reviews of ASUSWRT compared to competitors, but I have yet to buy a Asus Router, (hope to buy the new AC58U once it gets well reviewed). Can anyone tell me if ASUSWRT updates/downloads are common to all AC models of Asus Routers, and if the...
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    Seek an indepth review of the new Asus RT-AC58U AC1300

    Its a while since Asus released a new AC-Router not chasing the costly and power-hungry fast market. There must be a market for a newcomer to improve the AC1200 segment I seek a long-range but low-power WiFi Router to replace my current Wifi Router-N router. I am energy-conservation conscious...