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    How to enable my RT-AC5300 to work as a router behind Nokia G-140C-W?

    My internet plan upgrade came with a new combo ont modem/router nokia G-140c-w, Inspite of setting one of the lan ports as bridge Im unable to use the Rt-Ac5300 as a router, On the G-140 settings there is Vlan enabled , user id and password and some settings as well .Any help will be much...
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    Asus RT-N18U PPoE trouble setting up

    Hello, I bought the router to use with my O2 ADSL connection, But I can't set it up. I go to PPoE and put in the password and username as provided by ISP, and then get an error "connection timed out". This error appears regardless of whether the internet cable is plugged in (I tried without...