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  1. X

    XT8 PPPoe Disconnect Issues

    Hi All, First time poster. Long time lurker as I've always had Asus but never had many issues.. I'm hoping all you lovely people can help me get to the bottom of my constant PPPoe Disconnect Issues. Basically I have tried both a Billion 8800nl & the Plusnet hub2 in bridged mode. Both are...
  2. S

    Force PAP? pppd Options? Need help/ideas please!

    This is going to be a fairly long one so thanks in advance! I've been trying for 2 weeks now and I can't get my RT-AC86U (Merlin 384.4_2) to connect to the internet. Bit of background - I've recently moved in to rented accommodation and the internet is provided by the landlord. Unfortunately...
  3. W

    PPTP over PPPoA with SpeedTouch pppd loosing connection

    I have SpeedTouch 608wl and Asus AC-68U connected together and doing PPTP over PPPoA bridge. The bridge works. When I unplug telephone line (rj-12) plug from SpeedTouch AC-68U will restore connection. Rhe same will happen when I unplug cable joining SpeedTouch and AC-68U. AC-68U will restore...