problem after asus merlin upgrade

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    2.4GHZ wifi and WAN not working after update

    Wanted to update my AC-88U router to the latest merlin release, it was working as an AIMESH node but it didn't want to update the normal way, so I tried updating via SSH following this guide: After I did that the router 2.4GHZ didn't work and I can't get internet access with it. I tried...
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    Asus RT-AC68U Goes to ASUStek CFE MiniWeb Server after Asus Merlin Firmware Upgrade

    I've successfully used the Asus Merlin firmware on my Asus RT-AC68U router for years, upgrading to newer versions when appropriate during this period. I upgraded the firmware from version 384.11-2 to 384.15 yesterday. At the end of the upgrade process, I got a message saying upgrade was...