1. screamjojo

    [RT-AX56U] Problem DUAL WAN with Huawei E587

    Hello, I connected a 3G modem Huawei E587 to the USB 2.0 port of my Asus router, I configured the APN parameters and it seems OK because when I unplug the WAN cable I have internet traffic (capture below) during few seconds then goes to Cold-Standby, then reconnects for a few seconds and it...
  2. L

    AC86U port forwarding not working at all

    Solved... primary firewall issue, not ASUS issue.
  3. K

    OpenVPN server, no Internet at Connect

    #Update2 Problem: Outside and inside I can connect to the clients on the OpenVPN server running on the Asus router. But I can't get a usable internet connection. This will only change if I deactivate the internal firewall of the Asus router. Now the internet works on all devices without...
  4. T

    [R7800] wireguard-go doesn't get working

    Hi! I tried to get wireguard-go working with Voxel FW. I have Mullvad VPN. I created .conf file by their site and it looks like this: [Interface] PrivateKey = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Address =,fc00:bbbb:bbbb:bb01::3:8304/128 DNS = [Peer] PublicKey =...
  5. C3LF

    Firmware Update Problem on RT-AC68U (Stuck at the official Asus V.

    Hi and thank you for the creation of this forum! I searched answers in the forum without finding anything to help presently. Troubleshooting mode for me. Tried to flash the latest official Asus Firmware update and the Asuswrt-Merlin (RT-AC68U_384.14_2.trx) through Firefox browser, says...
  6. R

    Asus wireless router RT-AC1200G+ messed up

    I apologise if this is the wrong thread im not so good with forums but I recently cleaned some dust off of my Router and it kicked me off of it saying 'Your isps DHCP isnt functional' and repeats the problem constantly. this router is plugged into another router downstairs currently and for 8...
  7. J

    RT-AC5300 cannot upload FW. Help please.

    My setup: ISP: Virgin Media 150mbps Router: GT-AC5300 (main) + RT-AC5300 (mesh node) Modem: VM Hub (modem-mode) AiMesh Node Connection Quality: -60 dBm I want to load the Merlin FW to my RT mesh node but I'm having some difficulties. The steps I have taken are: Login to GT WebUI (
  8. T

    Mullvad .ovpn error? Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter

    Hello. I have problem with R7800, Voxel FW (.72) and Mullvad OpenVPN .ovpn file client dev tun proto udp remote 1196 cipher AES-256-CBC resolv-retry infinite nobind persist-key persist-tun verb 3 remote-cert-tls server ping 10 ping-restart 60 sndbuf 524288 rcvbuf 524288...
  9. D

    Orbi Disconnecting Multiple Times a Day

    I have an Orbi system. It is on the latest update. I use fibre with no username/password or anything, it just works. I did drop my router before having these issues, but I also changed ISP at the same time. The drop was only a few inches and everything seemed fine. I was using it in AP mode...
  10. M

    Help with VPN/Amazon echo

    Hi all I recently set up a VPN client connection on my router. (Netgear R7000 using the ported version of Asus Merlin firmware). That's probably irelevant since why question is more of a routing issue. Has anybody else had issues when using a VPN that their echo stops working? I get the red...
  11. C

    ASUS DSL-AC68U download speed problem

    Hello to everyone. I have a really weird thing going on here and I'd like to ask for some help. The problem is as follows: I have a home ADSL Internet Connection of up to 24 Mbps for Download and up to 1 Mbps for Upload. I know that these are really lame internet speeds but in my country...
  12. octopus

    [ SOLVED ] Can't remove file in /jffs

    Hi I have a strange problem, can't remove file in /jffs. I have renamed one file and I got a "´" in file name. Tried to remove/delete with winSCP and rm -f with no succes also formated /jffs but no new formated /jffs. Have not yet tried to do a reset router with "wps" button. Someone have any...
  13. K

    Asus DSL-N14U will not connect to DSL

    hi, I'm new here and hope this is the correct forum for my problem. I have recently bought the Asus DSL-N14U to replace my Plusnet router in the hope to later set up a VPN on it, and Plusnet say they have no objections. sadly it will not even 'see' my DSL phone line and I can't even get...
  14. C

    RT-AC88U Wireless funny

    Hi all, hope you are well I have a funny problem with my router, the 2.4ghz radio disables itself. Looking at the gui I see a half wifi icon and in a couple of menus it highlights that it's disabled and links to the professional menu for 2.4ghz where its showing as enabled. Strange eh!? I...

    RT-AC86U ExpressVPN Problems

    Hi, In the past I've been using the solution found in this post in order to get ExpressVPN working in an OpenVPN Client on my RT-AC86U Merlin (Currently 384.8_2). However, recently every time I use...
  16. HuskyHerder

    SmartSync, Dropbox, linking issue (work around)

    I have been trying to link a Dropbox account. I intended to use it to push Logs, and BU configs etc. to my Mac as I travel. Anyway, I go through the linking process > authorization page > 2fa page > grant the app access. I then get a new pop up window asking for a sign in. I sign in and upon...
  17. Chamaco Arano

    Clients disconnecting from RT-AC3100 Merlin

    This one is a weird one... Some clients are disconnecting every so often from my Network, there is no pattern, besides disconnecting for a brief period of time and reconnecting again. This is my very first post so I'm not sure what other type of information to provide, but I'm more than happy...
  18. J

    Bug Report: Stealth Mode doesn't work at 384.6 firmware after reboot.

    Please follow the below to experience LED issue. Update to 384.6 Turn On Stealth Mode (all LEDS off), every LED are turned off. Works great at that time! Turn On Reboot Scheduler Router will reboot automatically because the Reboot Scheduler works, only the WAN (Internet) LED is blinking...
  19. G

    Sometimes port forwarding stop working for a while

    Firmware: 384.6 Router: RT-AC66U_B1 I have strange problem with port forwarding, i set up port forwarding to my local server ( ubuntu ) ( ports 80, 2222 ssh, and some others ) and some times in a day portforwarding stop working and start working after a 15 minutes or one houer, i can't access...
  20. D

    RT N66U does not stay in rescue mode

    I recently tried to update the firmware for my RT N66U router. Off course it made the router stop working and after some research I discovered that it was in rescue mode. I am now trying to use the firmware restoration utility from Asus web page. I can put the router in rescue mode (turning it...