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  1. J

    [Question] Where are stored the mapping list names of internet protocols used by traffic Analyzer ?

    I would like to read a file where the protocols ports are mapped with their protocol ( or app) name strings used by Traffic Analyzer tool. I would expect something like the /etc/protocols file. Can someone help me to find that list ? i hope it's not hardcoded into some closed source stuff
  2. C

    SMBD no protocol supported error in syslog

    Asus RT-AC3100 384.13 Aug 8 21:20:34 smbd[7038]: [2019/08/08 21:20:34.518925, 0] smbd/negprot.c:706(reply_negprot) Aug 8 21:20:34 smbd[7038]: No protocol supported ! Not sure how long this has been showing up in my loges, I just noticed it since I updated to 384.13. No idea how to resolve...
  3. R

    Wifi protocol b,g,n,ac

    Hi I'd like to be able to see what wifi protocol my devices are using. I see in the wireless log there is some information but I'd be interested to see which of my devices are using ac rather than n. Is this possible? Thanks
  4. Julio Urquidi

    Nest Releases Open Source Version Of Thread

    Nest just announced that it is releasing OpenThread, an open source version of the IPv6-based Thread protocol used to connect smart home devices over low-powered wireless mesh networks. With Nest’s release of OpenThread, and with contributions from companies like ARM and Qualcomm, the newly...