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    Replacing AC88U 7x7 Sq M

    Hey SNB! I'm looking to replace a dead AC88U that's over 4 years old! My house is two floors, roughly 7m x 7m in length and width. Which router is a better buy? The GT-AX6000 is at its lowest ever price £199.98 GBP ($250 according to Google) or I believe the (newly) released AX88U Pro has also...
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    Did I make the right choice? ...buying a new AC wireless standard router now?

    Hello. Nice to meet you! I ask you – Did I make the right choice? Please read and please respond with a simple yes or no answer and if you could explain why you feel I did or did not and what you would have done. Last week, I purchased a new router from Amazon.com. It is the TP-Link A6 V3...