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  1. N

    Synology DS920+ NAS Drives and RAID 1

    I have a DS920+ with four bays. All HDD’s below are same model WD Red Plus 14TB drives. Drives 1 & 2 are defined as RAID 1. Drive 3 is not yet initialized Drive 4 is defined as JBOD. Drive 5 is an external WD Elements HDD connected to the DS920+ via USB. I use Synology “USB Copy” from Drive...
  2. J

    Test NASDrive

    Hello All, I have a D-LINK 2bay NASDrive runnning ALF-F firmware (probably not important for this discussion but details on here). I'm using two SEATGATE Ironwolf 2TB HDD's, both brand new. I have setup this NAS drive as RAID1 with EXT4 as filesystem type, since I want to use it as a backup...
  3. U

    RAID 1 using RT-AC68U

    I recently posted here because one of my drive died after a router upgrade. Fortunately most of my data was backed up on another drive. This incident is making me think if there is anyway to use my router to configure RAID 1 setup with one drive connected to the USB3.0 port while the other to...