random disconnects

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    uiScribe Finding Crash Log with Scribe?

    Hi, My router is crashing, and after days spent trying to diagnose, I am at a loss, what I thought were crash logs, were just system logs.... however I am unable to find the crash log. I have Scribe installed but on the system log it says: Log file will display here. If you are seeing this...
  2. A

    [RT-AX86U] bridge-mode: disconnects at the same time but changed after update

    Hi guys, I know the subject title sound a bit weird but I didn't know how to describe it better - so if it is misleading or not very well chosen please provide me some sugestions and I will change it. So I had here a thread where I issues with the wifi schedule (you will find it over my...
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    Need a fast router for streaming movies in a 2BHK home at budget price

    Last 3 weeks in life has been miserable due to recent wifi router purchases from Amazon and Flipkart. At home, I have an 80 Mbps internet speed from ISP (Ookla speed test after connecting the ISP RJ cable with Surface Pro 6 ) I have already tried following routers that gave speeds as...