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  1. dakial

    Voxel [ORBI RBK50 (RBR50,RBS50)] Suggestions on configuration for maximum range (on Voxel)

    Hello all, I'm looking for suggestions on configurations to maximize range on my RBK50. I have the usual setup (1 RBR50 and 2 wired RBS50) with the voxel firware (V9. I'm guessing that the only levers I have to push (apart from moving the satellites around which I tried already)...
  2. N

    WRT1900AC wifi unstable (with G1100 FIOS) at in-laws - Asus RT-AX88U? AX86U? Netgear? Seeking router with best range and stability.

    The good news: At home, we have Comcast gigabit internet and I am using a new Arris S33 (2.5 Gbps port) modem and a new Orbi RBK853 (2.5 Gbps WAN) mesh system. The system is rock solid on wifi with tons of devices on the network! I can work from home for months on end and never have a connection...
  3. A

    A couple of clarifying questions before I take down my network ...

    I've been reading and searching this forum for quite a while, there's a lot to dig into! I'm well satisfied on almost every question I've come up with. I have seen where these two questions have been rather discussed, including the faqs, but not in the past year or two. Can someone confirm the...
  4. J

    NetGear EX6200 Extender - Improving range performance

    This might be obvious to some of you; however, thought I would mention the following: I have been trying to extend the range of my EX6200 for sometime (both between extender and the modem / router and the end devices.) I tried all of the various suggestions on the web, including replacing the...
  5. BigBrainedBrett

    Budget router with good coverage ?(c1200,rt-ac1200, dir-842 or rt-ac53)

    Hi, newbie here. So I'm looking to buy a router for my mom's house. It's an L shaped one-story house. The router will be placed at the top of the L and I want the signal to reach a a room at the "toe" of the L. Her current router is a 10 year old unreliable 20$ piece of -- that constantly needs...
  6. MordredKLB

    Is my AC-3100 defective?

    I've got a 2800sf 2-story house with my entry point setup (100Mbit cable) on the 2nd floor close to a corner of the house. On Tuesday after reading reviews and this forum I bought an AC-3100. Set it up, updated the stock firmware, and was absolutely blown away. I ran all over the house with my...
  7. W

    Best 2.4 GHz router(s) to cover whole house?

    I would like to replace my old wifi router(using it as access point) with a new solution… I live in a 2 store family house, and have ethernet connections in a few rooms around the house. We are away from populated spaces, so no much interference from neighbors. All devices apart from laptop and...
  8. S

    Netgear EX6120 - Any 3rd party firmware?

    Hello guys, Before the main question i want to ask this as to why there is no discussion about this little beast on this forum? I know there is the EX6150 but then it comes with a PRICE tag too :) Why is no one discussing about EX6120? one of the reasons could be because may be it is still...
  9. BartPl

    wifi range changes after 380.58

    Hi, Does more people encouter WIFI range changes from release 380.58? My WIFI signal is so bad after release 380.58.... Any tips? Thanks Bart RT-AC87U
  10. A

    Does router TX power affect Nanostation compatibility and how does it impact range?

    I am pretty new to all of this, but have done a lot of research and cannot find an answer to my question. Hoping someone can help. I have an ASUS RT-56U (2x2 MIMO, ac-1200 (?)), running on ASUS-Merlin. Sharing bandwidth with my best friend upstairs because I'm on a fixed income and he's happy...
  11. H

    RT-AC68U poor 5GHz range

    Hey guys, I've recently got an RT-AC68U and although I love all the features of it (QoS, VPN, Wake On LAN etc), I've been a bit disappointed in the 5GHz wireless performance, as my iPhone is regularly dropping wifi signal in places where my previous NETGEAR R6250 worked fine. The only place the...
  12. A

    o2-AirAC from RadioLabs? Can find absolutely no reviews

    I'm looking for the longest range possible router, and this seems too good to be true, but I have yet to find anything anywhere independently benchmarking or otherwise reviewing it. http://www.radiolabs.com/products/wireless/networking/802.11AC-Router-High-Power.php Does anyone know anything...
  13. Y

    Best firmware to date for RT-N66U?

    Hi, currently i'm using version Using this version, my wifi range is so bad and wifi keeps disconnecting. Which is the best version for this router?
  14. T

    New router with good range

    Hi, I am looking to buy a new router, that has a better coverage in my house. I have three AV devices with wifi, a couple of smartphones and a wifi printer, and occasionally have guests who would like guest wifi coverage. We do use streaming services, one video, one audio on the AV devices They...
  15. P

    [RT-N12 D1] Poor wireless range

    I just purchased an Asus RT-N12 D1 to function as an AP while connected to my N56U which has been performing well. However I have not had good performance with this router, in particular on range over 2 walls. This router was meant to replace a strong performer, the Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH which...
  16. N

    1. WRT1900AC 'wireless bridge' issues (latency / severe lag). 2. WRT1900AC vs RT-AC68U

    Hello everyone, Been busy and away for a long time, at least from a posting perspective (still read the forums when I can). 1. I bought two WRT-1900AC routers given that our new home was bigger and I had challenges with getting high speeds in some location in smaller home. Ironically, with a...
  17. D

    Very confused-- please help

    I've literally spent *hours* carefully combing through the data on SNB. I have now cancelled two separate router orders (which is quite unlike me) upon coming across new information. The more data I came across today, the more confused I became, as many articles (and recommendations by its...