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  1. B

    How to setup IPV6 static route for Docker IPVLAN

    So Ive looked at similar threads, but nothing is concrete in their solutions to achieve what I want to do. I have a Raspberry Pi that is running docker. These docker containers are IPV6 enabled and want to be able to access the IPV6 Internet. For this to happen you need to enable Static Routes...
  2. V

    So what would be best practice for my specific situation: VPN into home network and DDNS

    Hi, So I’m just looking for what the best option is here. I’ve managed to setup a raspberry pi with pihole (proud of that). I bought a Synology Nas for backup and Plex (got that working as well). I use a Asus RT-AX86U router with the latest version of merlin. So I’m looking for the best wat...
  3. A

    Can't SSH to Raspberry Pi on LAN with VPN Director

    Hi all, I have a RT-AX58U router running 388.1 firmware. I also have a VPN client that is constantly connected to Mullvad VPN (in fact, five of them with only one being active at a time). The only VPN Director rule that I have is to forward traffic from all local devices through that very VPN...
  4. F

    Low Powered PC to act as remote desktop Server

    I look after the IT infrastructure for our local community hall. We have an Internet Cafe with three windows 10 PCs, a streaming webcam and hopefully soon a CCTV system. I would like to be able to remotely access the Lan so I can wake up the PCs and RDP into them to install updates etc. Also...
  5. S

    How to access an always-on torrent Pi machine that is connected to a VPN?

    Hey guys! I run 2x Asus AX88U in a wired backhaul mesh, Merlin 384.19. I have a Pi4 that I was used in the past as a Torrent machine, using Deluge, a torrent programme. Deluge is great because it runs on the Pi as a daemon, and my wife can use her Windows machine, for which there is a Deluge...
  6. jethro

    Looking for suggestions for wired router tethered via usb that supports port forwarding for home assistant in an RV

    Hello everybody I have just joined this site a few minutes ago and here is what I looking for: I am hoping to run Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi inside a vehicle (a van conversion) and so my idea was to get a small wired router that will allow me to use an old 4g phone to provide internet...
  7. Z

    Resolved:Ubuntu wired issue not giving ip's to any wired linux device.

    Hello, Has anyone had this issue before? i've Installed latest ubuntu onto my laptop and latest rasp onto my raspberry pi and both have the same issue. Wireless works fine but as soon i try wired nothing happens. if i manually give it a fixed ip it will work but I want the router to give it a...
  8. BreakingDad

    [RT-N66U] PiHole DNS / DNSMasq Question

    Hello, So I'm not actually new to the forum, I used to run under the name BreakingDad back in 2016 but I cannot retreive the password as I think it's set to a defunct email. That's another Issue though. Hello to those that remember me. What I'm trying to do is this. I have a Roku stick (UK)...
  9. L

    Trying to access Raspberry Pi through OpenVPN via Android

    Hey guys, sorry in advance if I sound like a noob but I don’t often ask questions online. What I’m aiming to do is a bit of a doozie in terms of difficulty (at least to me). Basically, I set up an always-on Raspberry Pi BitTorrent box. On that Raspberry Pi is a samba and SFTP shared external...
  10. T

    Unbrick Asus RT-AC68U router over serial connection using a Raspberry Pi

    I recently did an RMerlin upgrade and botched it. I can`t say for sure how but likely not resetting the router properly and unplugging the unit at a critical point. Tried the firmware recovery, setting IP on computer and holding reset. Twice, recovery loaded to about 80% then pooched. After...
  11. V

    Raspberry PI (PIVPN) VPN-Server with Asus AC-86U ISSUE

    Hello, i tried a lot and my best but I´m not very fit into that topic. I try to explain as easy as possible and hope I´m not repeating. 1. Goal: I want to have remote control over my camera for surveillance. But I got an LTE Contract and my Provider dont give me an public IP (I dont get the...
  12. R

    Why does my ubuntu server become unavailable from remote access after about 10 hours?

    While setting up my raspberry pi with apache2, shh and more at a new address I've encountered a problem. My setup consists of a router (provided by my ISP, Sagemcom F@ST 3890) with port forwarding 80, 443 and 22 to my RPI's static local IP, ethernet connection. Everything runs smoothly for a...
  13. sfx2000

    Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Board Released - 3/14

    Not sure where to post this - @thiggins - please feel free to move it to an appropriate forum. The RPF dropped the Pi3 B+ earlier this week - for the community at SNB, here's the relevant data points. 1) Dual Band WiFi - now has 5GHz 802.11ac support 2) Bluetooth 4.2 - nice update there 3)...