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  1. M

    Using pihole causes the router to stop resolving

    Hello, I'm currently using PiHole on a raspberry pi model 3B+ for my DNS filtering/resolving needs and I set its LAN IP address in the WAN DNS page of the router. All works good for some days but then the router randomly stops resolving addresses. The solution is then to either restart the...
  2. M

    SSH Integrity error

    I am trying to clone Raspberry PI remotely into mounted USB drive via command ssh polo@192.168.1.XXX -p 27 "sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p1 | sudo gzip -9 -" | dd of=mmcblkop1.gz The small boot partition (75Mb) is cloned fine, but the big one (3.6Gb) fails with such error ssh: Connection to...
  3. E

    Raspberry Pi and Firestick Kodi Exodus issues

    I started my Kodi adventure with an Amazon Firestick and had buffering issues constantly. I figured it was my wireless signal so I did two things. 1. I built a Raspberry Pi 3 Kodi machine and wired it directly 2. I bought a RT-AC1900P so I would have a better wireless speed than AT&T could...
  4. sfx2000

    Pi Zero W - Hands on...

    Just a teaser right now... still digging into this and how to make a DIY Smart Home around Pi's... With Pi Zero going Wireless, it's much more interesting - and then back things up with a Pi3 For many EE's, and Product folks, one can see how the Pi folks reduced the cost... Zero W -...
  5. refactored

    Help with RPi Zero OTG on the RT-AC68U? (merlin, modprobe)

    Hello. Hardware: RT-AC68U Firmware: Merlin, 380.59 After reading this thread, I've managed to get a Raspberry Pi Zero running via OTG. Mostly it works, however I have to call: echo Y > /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/old_scheme_first before rebooting to get the device to be configured correctly...
  6. yukky

    Run script on USB Ethernet gadget plugged in

    Hello, Hardware: RT-N66U Firmware: 380.62 I am trying to connect a Raspberry Pi Zero device as an Ethernet gadget via the USB port on the router. Everything works, except I need to manually put the usb0 interface up and add it to the br0 bridge. How can I automate this? When plugging in the...