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  1. C

    Orbi RBR50v2 on Voxel V9. rc.user file deleted in mnt/ntgr folder after reboot

    Hi I am trying to create a rc.user file in mnt/ntgr/ folder as the QuickStart guide suggests for V2 Orbis, but the file is deleted on reboot. I noticed the bitdefender folder isn't inside the mnt folder either but if I try to create it, this is also deleted upon reboot. I have tried creating...
  2. scruff67

    RBR50 Bricked? U-Boot shows "Nand Flash error. Status = 64"

    Here is what I am seeing in U-Boot on boot: Format: Log Type - Time(microsec) - Message - Optional Info Log Type: B - Since Boot(Power On Reset), D - Delta, S - Statistic S - QC_IMAGE_VERSION_STRING=BOOT.BF.3.1.1-00096 S - IMAGE_VARIANT_STRING=DAAAANAZA S - OEM_IMAGE_VERSION_STRING=CRM S -...
  3. O

    Orbi RBK50 (RBR50 & RBS50) - IPV6 Not Recognized

    I have noticed that IPV6 is no longer functioning on my Orbi. I have tried all Voxel FW versions since .19 without success. Currenly on V9. IPV6 had been working in the past. I do not think it is directly related to a FW version, but maybe something happened on my router during...