reboot scheduler

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  1. D

    Soft Reboot (fail) vs Hard Reboot

    I have an Asus RT-AC86u running Merlin firmware 386.12.0. I normally do not need to reboot my router often … maybe every 3 or 4 months. I was going to travel for 2 months, so I decided as a precaution to enable the Merlin boot rescheduler to reboot twice per week while I was gone. I verified...
  2. A

    Rebooting AiMesh Node Command.

    I am looking for the correct command to force a reboot of the AiMesh Node (RT-AX58U) directly from the Router (RT-AX88U) so that I can add it as a cru instruction. I can see that I can do this from the GUI (AIMESH>Node>Management>Reboot) and want to trigger this automatically. Background: I...
  3. Pak Kriss

    RT-AC86U - 384.13 - reboot button and scheduled reboot do not work

    As stated in the description, the restart button and the restart schedule do not work. It just does nothing happen. But a login via terminal and the "reboot" command work. Routersetup: 1) Uploaded 384.13 2) Full reset 2 factory defaults 3) DoT enabled 4) DNSfilter = Router 5) A USB stick...
  4. kernol

    Reboot scheduler / corrupts USB drive

    Manual webgui "Reboot" button now produces clean reboot even with Diversion 4.0.7_beta installed [the beta adds appropriate code to unmount script] - However, "Reboot Scheduler" has never worked for me and still does not when it come to clean umount of USB drives. Surely the solution is for the...