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  1. M

    Asus DDNS not updating after reboot

    I was having trouble connecting to one of my routers after a reboot using the Asus DDNS, so I had a look at the logs and noticed that it always seems to get stuck at the same place after a reboot: inadyn[983]: Failed connecting to Operation now in progress inadyn[983]: Failed...
  2. sdh91

    Persistent IPv6 Static Routes???

    I am looking for a way to make some IPv6 routes persistent in my router. Thus far I can add the routes via ssh to the route with a command similar to below. route -A inet6 add 26XX:XXXX:XXXX:XXXX:1000::/68 gw 26XX:XXXX:XXXX:0001::2 dev br0 The only issue I have is after every reboot the...
  3. S

    RT-AC86U - 384.16 - Frequent Crashes - Please Help

    Hi, Could really use some help/guidance here please. I recently purchased an RT-AC86U over the weekend and had frequent crashes (at least 2X a day). Thanks, appreciate the help in advance. Let me know if there's anything else I can provide to better assist. --- Setup: RT-AC86U = Main...
  4. Mikael

    Does the reboot function reboot all Mesh routers?

    Does anyone know if configuring the automatic reboot e.g. on RT-AC88U also result in the Mesh nodes getting rebooted?
  5. M

    Schedule restart fails

    Guys I scheduled my AC86U router to reboot every day by enabling the "Reboot Scheduler" from the Administration tab. For the most part it reboots fine, but every couple of days or so it just won`t start after rebooting. Occasionally it also fails to start after a manual reboot. The lights go...
  6. B

    Modem not rebooting

    Asus RT-ac86u / Merlin (last stable build, .13?) So I sort of solved my intermittent WAN drop-out issues with the reboot scheduler (although I still don't understand why it doesn't just reconnect), but now sometimes the modem doesn't boot up. I get up in the morning and all lights are off so I...
  7. B

    Script to reboot when WAN detected as down

    Asus RT-86u running Merlin Every now and then - like every day or so the router just loses connectivity. I have been trying in vain to scour logs for a while with no idea why. A reboot seems to fix it. This was then running fine with a daily reboot set to 5am. Except now it dropped out after 9...
  8. M

    Router reboot cause deletion of root folder

    Hi, I noticed a strange behaviour of my router (ASUS RT-AC86U). When I reboot the router all the files I installed in /tmp/home/root are getting deleted... This is a very very strange behaviour... I dot not understand why the files in the root folder are not persistent. It is even worse it...
  9. Pak Kriss

    RT-AC86U - 384.13 - reboot button and scheduled reboot do not work

    As stated in the description, the restart button and the restart schedule do not work. It just does nothing happen. But a login via terminal and the "reboot" command work. Routersetup: 1) Uploaded 384.13 2) Full reset 2 factory defaults 3) DoT enabled 4) DNSfilter = Router 5) A USB stick...
  10. R

    The USB modem reset issue during reboot.

    I use RT-AC66U-B1 with Merlin FW (384.8_2) and I need periodically (once per day) reboot my router and USB LTE modem connected to it. I done it by using an internal scheduler (Administration/System/Enable reboot scheduler). Even if modem will hanged up it is guarantee to return it to online next...
  11. macster2075

    Auto Reboot

    Hi guys.. Can anyone confirm the following code would auto reboot my router every Sunday at 6am? #!/bin/sh cru a ScheduledReboot "0 6 * * 0 /sbin/reboot" I found a site that explains on how to set it, so I created my own, but I am afraid to enter as I don't want to mess anything up haha...
  12. B

    Ac68u, openvpn-server blocks all WAN traffic on reboot

    Hi I have configured open-vpn and it generally works. But only until I reboot. As I think this might be related to having disabled IPV6 and the router while booting falling back to ipv6. Then all traffic to WAN is blocked. Jan 27 10:38:21 ovpn-server1[737]: OpenVPN 2.4.6 arm-unknown-linux-gnu...
  13. M

    Why isn't /jffs cleaned out after formatting?

    I'm preparing to do a completely clean install of 384.7 final. I disconnected my USB drives after unmounting them through the UI and choose to 'Format/jffs at next reboot' through the UI as well before installing 384.7. I made sure I applied the setting to format /jffs at next reboot. Before...
  14. Marsi4eg

    AC66U crashes and reboots itself when Android phone connects to its Wifi

    I've got a new phone (HTC U12 +) and ran into a very strange problem - very often (not always, more likely after wifi module on the phone goes off and then back on) when connecting the phone to the AC66U network, on both ranges, it does not matter 5 or 2.4 GHz, router goes into reboot. Never...
  15. M

    RT-AC86U VPN Startup Problem Firmware version

    Dear all, I have bought the router 86U new and wanted to run it with the same, working configuration of my 68U. But unfortunately there seems to be a problem, which is very likely due to the current firmware in connection with the Open VPN Client. The following facts. Router updated to the...
  16. bytemunchr

    RT-AC3200 Running Merlin 384.3 Random Reboots

    Hello! I've been seeing a very odd issue since updating to 384.3, my router will randomly reboot throughout the day. It's happened twice in a 5 hour period today alone. Nothing seems out of the ordinary and my logs are pretty clear, but I haven't caught it before it reboots itself, so I'm...
  17. S

    Need a script that auto reboot if internet is down

    Hi, I have merlin 380.64 on asus ac68u and sometimes internet goes down while I am away from home and need to reboot the router to be up again. Can someone please help with a simple script that checks for internet connectivity every few minutes and if it’s down, perform a reboot? Thanks in advance.
  18. M

    ASUS RT-AC87U Can't Get Asuswrt-Merlin to work.

    Hi, I have an RT-AC87U and want to use Asuswrt-Merlin so that I can exclude some devices from my OpenVPN connection. I have flashed releases RT-AC87U_380.69_0 and RT-AC87U_380.68_4. Both are unstable the router constantly locks up and reboots. I have tried factory resets too for both release...
  19. M

    Printer dies occasionally

    Just decided to start separate thread, maybe my posts are not so visible in the other's thread. It seems I have the same issues on AC68-U. The printer prints one-two pages and then dies, after that only router reboot helps. I tried to plug-unplug the printer, but that didn't help. Nov 29...
  20. gatorback

    Scheduled Reboot

    I need to schedule a router reboot because the ISP is changing the account over and could change the WAN IP address on January 3. I will need to be able to remotely access the device to ensure that the cable company did not goober up the transition. If the WAN IP is changed by the ISP on the...