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  1. F

    Tutorial Setup the ASUS TUF Gaming AX5400 router for Transmission with remote access using an SSD for storage

    Hi Everyone, I post this tutorial because I found the infos regarding the subject too scattered on the net. Some of the info is not even out there or not easy to find at all. I hope you will find this helpful. Feel free to comment if there is anyhing important to add. In order to succcesfully...
  2. XIII

    How do you "remote" edit files on your router in a GUI editor on your Mac/PC?

    So far I have been mainly using vi to edit files on my ASUS router (in an SSH session on the command line), but I would prefer a GUI editor (with syntax highlighting, etc.) on my Mac/PC. Visual Studio Code has support for remotely editing files over SSH, but I don't think my AC86U router...
  3. J

    Lancelot - VPN Remote (iOS app)

    Has anyone downloaded this app? Is it any good? Thanks.
  4. R

    Upgrade Aimesh node firmware remotely?

    Hi I'm managing remotely my parents home network (which I've built for them). It consists of 4 RT-AC68Us. I have remote webGUI and SSH access to the router, but I don't have remote access to any local computers there. I've updated firmware to the main AC68U via GUI without any problems, but I...
  5. P

    Evacuating office - need to set up telecomuting

    Covid has forced us to empty the office and work from home. I have been tasked with setting up a VPN tunnel but have not managed to get it working yet. I can connect to the work server by VPN but not access the shared files. Our setup: * Synology Diskstation 1517 * Netgear R8000 * A cable modem...
  6. GlukRazor

    RT-AC68U Port Forwarding and WAN Accsess issue

    I find some problems with my internate provider, so that I do complet reinstal my router with nvram cleanup (I hope so). Now, with 384.9 firmware, I could do nothing with ports: I cannot forward ports, cannot access WebIU or SSH from WAN. System even doesn’t response on ping from WAN. But I do...
  7. XIII

    How to remotely access IoT device over VPN?

    One of my IoT devices has local access only (its App only connects to the device if they are in the same local network). I was hoping to access it (to read some sensor values) remotely by running a VPN server on my router, but OpenVPN seems to provide a different subnet and the App will still...
  8. XIII

    Is it possible to upgrade firmware remotely via VPN?

    The fact that @RMerlin holds back the source code and the description of the security issues fixed in 384.4_2 to allow us to update our routers first (which I appreciate!) gives me the feeling that I should update all routers in the family ASAP. However, I won’t be able to visit one of them in...
  9. XIII

    Mosh instead of SSH

    I would like to use Mosh instead of SSH to connect to my router: After installing the mosh-server package on the router using Entware I’m able to ssh into my router using Mosh (via the Termius App for iOS), but only if I’m on the local network of the router. If I try to...
  10. C

    RT-AC66U throughput and logging

    Hello. I am running a RT-AC66U with FW 380.68_4 and I'm running into a throughput issue when I have logging turned on (accepted, dropped, or both). My internet service is 80M / 10M. With any logging option turned on I'm at best seeing 43M throughput, this is because my router CPU is maxing...
  11. O

    Who can I hire to remotely setup 2 DS-214+ NAS to do cloud Backup at our shop?

    Any recommendations of a firm or an expert who can remote in to help us setup a cloud backup for both of our DS-214+ ??? Prefer someone with a lot of Synology-to-cloud backup experience. We just lost our IT manager to serious health issues. Central time zone ... thanks Gents!
  12. Agrajag

    Trying to get Remote Access Reliably Working. HELP?

    For years I've wanted to get reliable access to my system for a few purposes. Here are a few of the things I'd like to do: 1. Have access to my qBittorrent session using their Android App or the web interface. I swear I HAD it working, but it's refusing to connect (Windows Firewall is disabled...
  13. D

    options for Remote WOL using RT-N66u/r

    End goal is to remotely wake a workstation directly connected to an RT-N66u so I can then remote into it over VPN. Current router is RT N66R running the factory version Firmware Version: This is temporary. I need to reset and re-install my RT-N66U to the latest stable...
  14. Julio Urquidi

    Best Buy's Magnolia To Use Domotz Remote Services for Troubleshooting

    As the number of homes using smart devices increases, so will the amount of tech support needed. In response, customers of Magnolia stores, a Best Buy brand, will soon get upgraded remote assistance thanks to a partnership the chain store company is making with Domotz. Domotz specializes in...