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  1. richsmif

    Uninstall Merlin FW from TUF AX5400

    Hi, I bought a TUF AX5400 router and just discovered it has this merlin firmware on it. For the life in me i cant get it removed. Its running - 386.07_2-gnuton1 I tried factory reset in admin menu \ restore , that didn't work. Uploading ASUS firmware ASUS TUF-AX5400 Firmware version...
  2. J

    Compiling a extreamly basic Asus firmware stripped of every single add-on made

    Hello all, I have had two Asus firewalls RT-AX92U and the RT-AX96U. I would like to work on creating a completely back to basics router with a firewall. None of the add-ons. My dream would be only to have or include the following to this firmware-slim. I would keep the following based on the...
  3. octopus

    How to remove one day old file....

    I have tried to remove file as is age of 1 day or more old. Tried this: find /jffs/scripts/file_to_remove -name "file_to_remove" -mtime +1 -exec rm -f '{}' \; but -mtime +1 doesn't recognise and don't remove mention file. Is -mtime a valid command in 384.15_alpha1? Modification time (-mtime)...