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  1. AppleBag

    Renaming Devices in NetworkMap doesn't stick

    Currently running Merlin 384.19 b1 on a ASUS RT-AC68U. I am trying to free up some NVRAM space by shortening device names and it won't let me. I have checked my current NVRAM and it's only at 59725 / 65536 bytes, but when I attempt to rename in the Network Map, it just reverts as soom as I...
  2. B

    Rename RT-AC66U_B1 on config page

    I have three RT-AC66U_B1 devices. When I go to any of their configuration web pages, it just tells me that it is "RT-AC66U_B1" but doesn't give me a clue which one. We use the same SSID's on all three devices, which is the way we want it. With our old Linksys routers, I could rename each to a...
  3. SeeSawSam

    Unable to change Clients Name

    Searched and found no relevant discussion. Previously, I've been able to successfully rename my clients from their mac address to a more user-friendly name. This is done from the main router page ( by clicking on the 'View List' button, then setting the cursor's focus...