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  1. Sky

    Solved Best Way to Reserve IPs: LAN>DHCP List (or) Client Status>MAC and IP Address Binding?

    I have a handful of devices that need to have reserved IPs due to their rather limited or non-existent ability to reconnect if their IP changes after a warm boot or a power cycle. These aren't static IP clients, they have no user-enabled ability to "set" the IP on the client; they're just really...
  2. monakh

    Is there a way to migrate static IPs from the older Merlin firmware to NG?

    Howdy, long time Merlin user. I want to migrate to the NG firmware (still stuck on 380.70) but I have about a 100 or so IPs defined in the static pool via DHCP reservations. Is there a way to migrate them since you can't do a dirty upgrade?