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  1. WoodenClogs

    Systemlog RC-68U "Need to restart wireless due current chanspec is un-available" ?!

    Hi all, I have no luck in trying to find the following error from my Asus RT-68U's (set up in Aimesh with two other RT-68U's on the upper floors) systemlog: "Need to restart wireless due current chanspec is un-available". It keeps disconnecting clients. This problem popped up a few weeks ago...
  2. D

    AC68U does not recover from "restart_wlcmode 0"

    Hi, I now live with this problem since I got my ASUS AC68U but today I thought I would try to ask for help and hope that one of you is able to identify a solution for it. Setup: ASUS AC68U currently Merlin 384.9, I think my first version I started with was "RT-AC68U_3.0.0.4_374.43_2" 2014...