router security assessment

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  1. J

    "Espressif Inc" shows up as connected device on my Asus router

    Tonight I noticed a strange entry in the list of clients on my Asus router. I've never seen this before and I'm worried if it is a security risk. The client's name is listed as "Espressif Inc". The only thing I've done differently recently is to enable the AiProtection feature on my router...
  2. GK59

    New RT-AC86U online, need advice on setting up SSHD

    Hi, I took delivery today of this marvelous piece of equipment, a real beauty she is and promptly did a 30/30/30 reset and installed Merlin 384.4_2 FW and is up and running 5x5. I would like to know of a good guide for setting up SSHD on this particular model where I'd like to use an ECDSA key...