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  1. M

    T-Mobile ASUS TM-AC1900 (RT-AC68U variant) gets WAN IP and can ping Internet but connected WiFi clients indicate no Internet?

    Bought a used TM-AC1900 router off Craigslist to replace my less powerful router that's been used with a Netgear modem for Xfinity Internet. Router's firmware is, i.e., *not* flashed with ASUS RT-AC68U or other compatible 3rd party firmware and not ready to do that at this...
  2. G

    VPN Client with Public IP, split tunnel web server over VPN and other traffic not on the VPN

    OK, please dont beat me too much... I have tried the Wiki and looked online and even here before posting... i have been trying to figure this out for a week. Here is my problem, i hope someone can help me accomplish my goal. I have a VPN client that has a Public IP and open port 80. The client...
  3. lluke

    IPSec VPN Server and Internet routing

    Hi All, in the past, I configured 2 different IPSec VPN Servers to join the home network while on the go with the following setup: Server #1: just to connect to internal lan(s), achieved by leaving the "DNS Server" entries empty from the Advanced Settings of the VPN Server configuration page...
  4. dacid44

    Routing packets through a wireguard client

    This might just be an iptables thing, but I can't figure it out. Short version: I'm trying to forward packets from a VPS to the router over wireguard (router is client) and forward them to the correct device on the LAN. I have a setup that I'm trying to carry over from my old DD-WRT router...
  5. Moan

    A very strange problem with GT-AX6000 and QNAP QSW-1105-5T switch

    Hi guys. I got a new Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 router. My network is the following: GT-AX6000: WAN: 1Gb/s download / 100Mb/s upload eth2: Old NAS (1Gb/s) eth5: Unmanaged QNAP QSW-1105-5T switch (2.5Gb/s) QNAP QSW-1105-5T: eth1: GT-AX6000 (2.5Gb/s) eth2: New...
  6. A

    Connect 2 routers in the same subnet

    Hello. I have two AX86U routers (R1 and R2). Both have it’s own WAN connection (WAN1 and WAN2). There are some devices connected to each routers. I’d like to reach devices connected to R1 from devices connected to R2 and and vice versa. If I connect the routers LAN port and place them in the...
  7. M

    RESOLVED! - VPN Server issues (no wan access after reboot)

    I am having a weird issue openVPN, please someone help. In short, VPN server works just after being turned on, but on reboot nothing works anymore. These are the details: I am trying to set up a VPN server on my RT AC3200 with merlin 384.13_8 Just after I set the VPN on, everything is OK...
  8. I

    [386.5_2] Conntrack mark(ctmark) filled with garbage. Any idea what program is interfering?

    Info: OpenVPN client 1 is on. AC86U. FYI the OV client runs on my Linux PC has no this problem. iptables is clean.
  9. J

    Seeking explanation: No explicit route to cable modem, yet can log onto cable modem from LAN wireless

    I have a very simple setup: AX3000 router ->(Ethernet "internet" WAN port) ->Arris SB8200 modem (Ethernet port)->Comcast Cable LAN Address: 192.168.50.x (router @ Modem address (fixed by mfg): I would think that the modem's web server ( should not be...
  10. Pipo

    RT-AX92U VPN Routing

    I have an Asus RT-AX92U, not supported by Merlin, unfortunately. I set up a VPN client and I would like to have it set so that I only have some devices going through the VPN routing, rather than all. Unfortunately I can’t find any custom firmware and VPN fusion is not available. Is it a lost...
  11. P

    Routing with dual WAN

    Greetings! I have an Asus RT-AX86U with a load balancing dual wan setup. I don't use the load balancing mechanism per se, but I have segmented my LAN subnet as follows so that I can control which device is using which connection: 1. ==> Primary WAN (Eth0) 2. ==>...
  12. H

    R7800 openfortivpn & Iptables , how do i make it work ?

    Hello. I have an R7800 with Router Firmware Version V1.0.2.83SF and i installed openfortivpn - 1.15.0-1 which is creating interface PPP1. I can connect to the VPN at work, but from the LAN i can not acces the servers at work. Everything is done from the router, via SSH. Ping-ing a server...
  13. K

    Routing through VPN from LAN - Asus RT-N66U

    Hi, Im trying to talk to my RPi that is connected to my VPN (a PPTP hosted by Asus RT-N66U) while my PC is connected to the router's LAN network. The RPi is connected from an external network. I have tried adding routes as suggested in these links: -...
  14. ThePooBurner

    Is there a script for configuring VLANs?

    Hi everyone. I've been scouring this forum for a couple months now looking for information on using VLANs via scripting and trying to make sense of everything that I've read. I'm not making this post lightly, as in most of what i've read there seem to be a lot "You should have searched first...
  15. P

    Help with Windows 10 Network Setup

    This is my first post on this forum, i hope I get it right: Im building the following network but having problems with communications between some of these items . All of this take place inside Windows 10 enviroment, ie i would like the PCs to appear visible in the windows network same as the...
  16. Olli Haaslahti

    Wireguard multi point and routing

    Hi I'm building a multi point VPN system with Wireguard, and hoping some here could help with the config. The start point is: I have three location all with 172.16.X.X / 24 subnet lan and Raspberry 3 with Wireguard and Pi-Hole installed. All network have DDNS names. Setup is this: Network #1...
  17. K

    VPN Server over VPN Client

    I would like to log into my OpenVpn server from outside. However, this should be upstream from a VPN client. Short compilation at the moment. Fritzbox> Asus router (here a VPN client is configured)> Now I would like to configure an Openvpn server in parallel on the Asus router. A device is then...
  18. M

    Configuring OpenVPN Server to Permit Access to Multiple Sublans

    I have an Asus RT-AC68U router running Asuswrt Merlin connected to a Cable Router at a remote location. I am trying to configure an OpenVPN Server on this router that will let me setup a client VPN connection from another RT-AC68U at a different location that will provide access to the networks...
  19. L

    Cisco port forwarding question

    Hello! I have a Cisco 7206VXR running Version 12.4(12.2r)T. I have an openfire XMPP server that needs to have port 5222 forwarded. Server is G0/1 is my WAN interface My current NAT ACL for overload looks like this: Standard IP access list NAT 10 permit
  20. I

    Unusual Topology Problem - Question

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum (long time lurker, first time poster) (First of all, excuse my english :() I've come across an unusual network problem at work and i havent figured out a good way to solve it. Though it might be interesting to post it here. Some background...