1. S

    RT-AC5300 Wireless Issues

    I am running Current Version 384.17 of Merlin firmware and once or twice a week I am loosing the 5.1 network. It does not show up, reboot usually does not fix it but I need to turn the 5.1 wireless off and then back on in the professional section. On the 2.4 Radio what channel it shows on in...
  2. Eren

    ASUS RT-AC5300 not flashing firmware

    Hello everyone, my AC5300 died recently and I have followed several guides in this forum. I, for example, tried using the ASUS Recovery tool to reflash the firmware and it uploads, but after it uploades, it randomly dies, it does not actually flash the firmware, it sometimes from blinking power...
  3. H


    I upgraded ISP service from 200/10 to 600/20 Mbps. When I connect laptop directly to Netgear modem I get 610/24 Mbps, but once I connect RT-AC5300 to modem I still get 200 Mbs wired and wireless. Any advice appreciated.
  4. C

    Is my ASUS RT-AC5300 dying?

    The ac class wireless works great, but I have more and more problems getting older devices that don't have ac to have reliable wifi connections. Should I try setting up separate SSIDs for different wifi bands instead of using it in the "you automagically figure it out" mode? Is there any kind of...
  5. J

    RT-AC5300 cannot upload FW. Help please.

    My setup: ISP: Virgin Media 150mbps Router: GT-AC5300 (main) + RT-AC5300 (mesh node) Modem: VM Hub (modem-mode) AiMesh Node Connection Quality: -60 dBm I want to load the Merlin FW to my RT mesh node but I'm having some difficulties. The steps I have taken are: Login to GT WebUI (
  6. COBOL-Coder

    Matching Routers & Access Points

    Be patient if this is a simple process as I'm relatively inexperienced in this area. I recently replaced my ASUS RT-AC66W (flawless) with an ASUS RT-AC5300 which I really like outside of it's footprint. I was in the process of selling off my AC66W when I started reading about Access points. I...
  7. A

    New GT-AC2900 won't join AiMesh as a node

    I have an RT-AC5300 as the AiMesh Router and tried setting up the GT-AC2900 as a node, but it keeps failing. I then setup the AC2900 as a normal router and checked for a firmware upgrade (since it is new out of the box) and it said that it is up to date. Any suggestions?
  8. D

    [RT-AC5300] DNS over TLS and OpenVPN

    Hey Guys! Maybe I found a bug or I'm doing something wrong :) When I use DoT alone (router is dns resolver for the LAN - is set correctly when I use DHCP) it works fine and the internet reacts quickly. All fine so far. But when I turn on the OpenVPN client on the router to route...
  9. COBOL-Coder

    HELP! ASUS RT-AC3200 vs RT-AC5300.

    Ok, here's my dilemma. When I purchased my ASUS tri-band AC3200 Amazon advertised it as having MU-MIMO and a contributor here mentioned that a 3200 does not have MU-MIMO technology (thanks) and after much run around with ASUS I discover no, it does not! Damn.. after a lot of thought I...
  10. ADFHogan

    Can the DNS in router be instructed to forward specific domain to another server?

    I was wondering, is it possible to instruct the DNS server in the router to forward a specific domain's queries to a specific server? I have one of the routers I look after (an RT-AC5300) set up to use OpenDNS as its upstream, with AiProtect enabled also. Today, after quite some time (more...
  11. T

    Asus rt-ac 5300 poor performance and loosing connectivity randomly

    Hi all. I Have an Asus rt-ac 5300. This router was very good when it was new, but i am now strugling with different problems. It seems that wifi devices looses contact with internett. I think this is happening most often, when there is a lot of devices connected, and meaby most often to Aple...
  12. H

    Soundtouch Issues. AiMESH related?

    I have an issue with my Bose Soundtouch setup that is really tricky to pinpoint the source of. The problem is that the Soundtouch app (iPhone, iPad and Mac) sometimes doesn't see all speakers. Normally there's one or maybe two speaker that isn't found and which isn't found alters in pairs...
  13. Edropian

    RT-AC5300 5G_2 Band Issue ... Is It Dead?

    Hello everybody and thanks for stumbling upon another issue of mine! Unfortunately my 2 weeks RT-AC5300 has given me more trouble than pleasure of using it and I must figure everything out while I can still RMA it. So let me walk you through my issue. When I first started using this router...
  14. Edropian

    RT-AC5300 Ethernet and WAN dead?

    First of all let me say hello to everybody! I have been reading this forum for some time now and because of this community I have decided to take the leap of faith and buy an RT-AC5300 because of Mr Merlin's support on it. To the meat and potatoes now. I bought this Router from Amazon.it and...
  15. ADFHogan

    VPN - TOR: How flexible can you get with how a client connects?

    Hey folks, Tried fiddling with the TOR settings in my RT-AC5300 a few times, and never quite get the result I expect. It seems to always want to redirect EVERYTHING through TOR. I even tried putting in a dummy MAC address, and setting "Redirect all user from: Only specified MAC" and it still...
  16. K

    Possible solution to AiMesh wired backhaul network instability

    I have an AC5300 and 3x AC86U (only two plugged in atm because 3 was unstable, but going to try 3 again shortly with this new possible fix). I have about 50 bulbs and other home automation/security devices on 2.4Ghz band. These will somewhat randomly drop on/off wifi - sometimes everything...
  17. ADFHogan

    WiFi devices but not being able to communicate between themselves again

    Hey folks, Seems this problem has cropped up again for me. Presently running: RT-5300AC w/384.7_2 ICMP snooping enabled for all bands (this is what fixed things last time) Tri-Band Smart Connect is enabled WiFi to wired devices is fine, but WiFi to WiFi is problematic. I'm wondering if we're...
  18. E

    Help with AiMesh - No Internet

    Good day, I have a system consisting of: FritzBox 7430 from a German ISP ---> RT-AC5300 (VPN) which works fine (different IP addressing, etc). What I tried to do was setup the AiMesh with a RT-AC86U connected (as a node) to the RT-AC5300 last night; it worked with regards to discovery and...
  19. J

    ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Support

    Hello! I'd like to get Asuswrt-Merlin running on my GT-AC5300. I've been using the firmware for a long time on my AC-66U and would like to get it running on my new router since the AC-66U isn't being supported anymore. I tried flashing the RT-AC5300 firmware to see if it would work but I got...
  20. S

    ASUS RT-AC5300 : Crashing on PowerLine network data use

    Hi Hoping someone might be able to perhaps identify or help identify what is causing this issue. Pretty certain it's router related and mostly seems to happen since upgrading to the latest release version. Operation Mode:Wireless router Firmware Version: 384.6 Essentially basic network...