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  1. M

    Looking to replace RT-AC86U

    Longtime lurker, so thanks to everyone for the great advice over the years. So my situation is as follows: - 3-story house, with detached garage - Base station is an ET12 (in basement) - 1 ET12 node on the 2nd floor office - 1 RT-AC86U node on the first floor closest to the garage and backyard...
  2. D

    RT-ac68 and RT-ac86 expiring, what now? RT-ax86(PRO) and Range Extender or not?

    Hello, I currently have an RT-AC86U as my main router and a bunch of old RT-AC68U that I use as nodes all running merlin. All of these will not be further supported after the end of 2024 and I will be looking into an upgrade. I think the RT-AX86 PRO will do nicely as an upgrade for my current...
  3. Wobbo

    Need Help Setting Up Email Notifications for IP Changes on RT-AC86U

    Hello everyone, I'm using an Asus RT-AC86U router with Asuswrt-Merlin firmware and I'm facing some challenges in setting up a system to receive email notifications when my external IP address changes. My goal is to have the router automatically check for any IP changes periodically and then...
  4. nothingness

    RT-AC86U VPN Director Not Routing Through WAN

    Router - Asus RT-AC86U Firmware - Merlin 386.12 Issue - I have been using Merlin for my router since 384.xx and found it incredibly stable. I have always had the VPN director working well and have read through the VPN director thread too. I have 5 clients installed and I have all my clients...
  5. G

    RT-AC86U VLAN-like modifications to guest network

    Hello all! I'm using an RT-AC86U with Merlin and I would like to have three different wireless networks (all with different SSIDs and passwords): one for trusted devices, one for guests, and one for IoT devices. On the guest and IoT networks, I want all devices to be isolated. At this point...
  6. M

    Inestability in RT-AC86U (Aimesh Router + Node)

    Hi everyone, I want to ask you guys help. I have and optic fibre internet connection and works well (900 MBPS). Good speed, good stability, etc. My configuration was my ISP router with all their wifi connections deactivated and connected to an RT-AC86U throught cable (2.4 and 5 GHZ). But, in...
  7. thedarkness

    Client list is not updating for all devices

    Hello, I have an RT-AC86U running 386.11 Merlin firmware and only recently I started to see an issue with the client list. I relied on the client list for a long time without issues - this feature allows Home Assistant to know if a device is connected or not. Since a couple of months I noticed...
  8. D

    Disable Separate IP Addressing For Guest Wi-Fi Using Merlin 386.11

    I have an Asus RT-AC86U with Merlin 386.11. I noticed that each guest Wi-Fi network has its own DHCP subnet. How I can disable it, so they continue to get IP addresses from my main DHCP pool?
  9. IAmOrion

    Router Advice - SR203 vs ASUS RT86U (WiFi DISABLED)

    Wasn't entirely sure under what category to put this! Anyways... So, brand new build house, stupid setup, I've already covered some of this in a topic previously, but todays question is this: I am with Sky as my ISP. I have the Sky SR203 (provided by Sky) and also an older ASUS RT-AC86U...
  10. eleVator

    RT-AC86U as VLAN Access Point?

    Dabbling around with a new Opnsense Box. Added the RT-AC86U (latest fw) as Access Point, everything works. But i just cannot get it to work in a VLAN, am i right to assume that this Asus Model does not support being AP via VLAN?
  11. B

    AiMesh mixing Wi-Fi types

    Hi, I’ve recently upgraded to an XD6 with wired backhaul to a cupboard upstairs for the node. it replaced a Wi-Fi 5 RT-AC86U which is now spare. i was thinking of putting it in the loft with a powerline to make it an extra wired node. Would it slow the XD6 down or would devices that connect...
  12. J

    YazFi YazFi not routing guest through ISP

    Hey guys I hope this is the right sub-forum to post this. I have a RT-AC86U with latest merlin and I just SSH'd into my router and ran the command to install YazFi. I'm quite new to routers and things like this and I was under the impression I could run guest networks through my normal ISP...
  13. halilnevzat

    RT-AC86U firewall blocks forwarded ports

    hi, im using asuswrt-merlin 386.7_2 , i use torrent often with Rutorrent, i have a fiber nokia modem provided by my isp, and my router connected to it via LAN cable and runs in a wireless router mode. all ip's is static. my main problem is when i open firewall my forwarded ports gets cut off, i...
  14. D

    network structure with AX58U, AC86U, AC68U, wireguard, TMobile 280mb/40mb internet, MQTT broker, ad blocker

    I am trying to restructure my network and looking for some advice/experience. Because of having a Tmobile gateway I use wireguard peer to peer for hosting outside my network through a VPS, most of that traffic is music and nextcloud service. LAN has around 30 devices on it, WLAN has around 60...
  15. K

    Simple VLAN (Native with tagged VLAN) from AC-68U to AC-86U

    Main router : RT-AC3200 with FreshTomato 2021.7 : for main network (VLAN ID : 1) with DHCP server : for guest network (VLAN ID : 3) with DHCP server ---- AP1 = RT-AC68U (AsusWRT-Merlin 386.7_2) Set as AP with IP = WAN Port = Trunk port to main...
  16. hifiwifi

    CAKE settings for "IP Passthrough" (not bridged)?

    Running my RT-AC86U with a BGW210-700 modem (ATT DSL). The modem does not offer a true bridged mode, but it does offer "IP Passthrough," which seems to do the same thing. My question is which of the CAKE "WAN Packet Overhead" and Mode (ATM/PTM/Normal) settings would apply here? On the modem...
  17. J

    Best VPN service provider for use as Router-based Wireguard client

    My router (RT-AC86U) runs asuswrt-Merlin, if that matters to anyone… been a PIA person forever, but they don’t support router-based configurations for Wireguard, and the workarounds that I know of aren’t that enticing (requiring constant tweaks, etc., just to under-deliver) it’s that time of...
  18. H

    RT-AC86U - can I upload the router settings via command line, from a USB drive?

    Hello everyone, on an Asus Merlin router (I have RT-AC86U), is it possible to upload a saved file of router settings via command line, logged into the router via ssh? (You ordinarily do this at the Admin menu - Restore/Save/Upload settings). I would probably have to use a USB drive plugged into...
  19. H

    Can I use crontab to switch VPN clients on a schedule?

    Hello! I am enjoying my RT-AC86U with Merlin. I have a question - I use a VPN provider which has many servers, and I have different VPN clients set up in the router for some particular servers. Manually I can turn each one on, or off; or select it to start up when rebooting. And I schedule a...
  20. A

    RT-AС86U OpenVPN Trouble

    Hello! I am facing the following problem: I have a router RT-AC86U firmware version: 386.7_0 For the second time in 3 weeks, OpenVPN profiles are erased on my own, and so are all routes. I do not understand what it is connected with, here is what I found in the logs: Sep 1 07:35:26 ntpd...